Heli-Hiking with Eric Larsen,
Polar Explorer

Join CMH Summer Adventures this August for a hiking and walking holiday ...with a twist. This year we are excited to welcome Polar Adventurer Eric Larsen.

Polar Adventurer Eric LarsenIn 2010, Eric Larsen completed his "Save the Poles" expedition and became the first person to ski to both the north and south pole and summit Mt. Everest in a 365 day period.  Why?  To draw attention to the climate crisis currently facing these vital ecosystems and their importance in the global climate.

We invite you to join CMH Summer Adventures, and Eric Larsen for three days of hiking and walking amid some of the most spectacular wilderness in western Canada.  Back at the lodge enjoy gourmet cuisine, a five-star winelist and engaging presentation and conversation with Eric Larsen on the challenges and excitement of his adventures.

Date: August 26-29, 2012

Location: CMH Bugaboo Lodge.

To secure your spot on this adventure, contact CMH Summer Adventures.  For more information, call us at 1.800.661.0252 or watch our CMH Summer Adventures video on YouTube.  To receive a full itinerary and pricing details for this special trip with Eric Larsen, complete the form to the right.

About Eric:

From SaveThePoles.com:

Eric Larsen is an experienced public speaker who has a natural ability to engage audiences. Larsen brings a unique blend of skills and experience to any event. He is animated, poignant and makes concise analogies to real world situations.

Hear the dramatic story of months on the Arctic Ocean, 50 degrees below zero wind-chills, encounters with Polar Bears, avalanches and much more. These programs are approximately one hour long and feature stunning images and video from some of the most remote and hostile environments on the planet.