Mother-Daughter Getaway with National Geographic Author Marybeth Bond

Marybeth Bond, Mother Daughter Heli Hiking trip 2012

In the summer of 2010, author Marybeth Bond and her daughter, JC rode their bikes 3,114 miles from San Francisco to New York City, raising $52,000 for the National Osteoperosis Foundation.  In the process, she and her daughter overcame a number of challenges and shared a lot of laughter, strengthening their friendship forever.

On this three-day Short Escape with Marybeth and her daughter, we invite you and your daughter, niece, mother, or special friend to strengthen your friendship and create some memories that will last a lifetime.  Hike, walk, climb or zipline by day and enjoy the gourmet cuisine, five-star wine list, massage services and outdoor hot tub back at the lodge each evening.

One evening after dinner Marybeth will share the story of the bikeride that brought her family together and raised awareness of a crippling yet preventable disease affecting 10 million Americans and 2 million Canadians.

Trip Dates:
August 5-8, 2012

Location: CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge, remote in the Canadian Rockies and accessible only by helicopter.

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