Contributors to the CMH Heli-Ski Blog and The Adventure

Adventure Travelperson: Old friend and fan of CMH, writer, photographer, and fierey lover of mountains. Before he got too curmudgeonly, he spent nearly 30 years leading exotic journeys and treks in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Pakistan, Africa, South America and all over the place for a prominent adventure travel company (allied with CMH in the Adventure Collection). Over the years, Adventure Travelperson has written for and consulted with CMH.

Jane Carswell: Mom, Banff resident, Outdoor Enthusiast, Skier, Hiker and Passionate Canadian. A Flatlander-turned-Mountain-Girl, Jane is has been sharing the best of Canada with travellers from around the world for 20 years and is responsible for partnerships and on-line marketing at CMH.  To contribute to our blogs, contact Jane. Follow her on Twitter at @heliyes.

Topher Donahue: Climber, Skier, Photographer, Writer, Long-Time friend of CMH. Author of Bugaboo Dreams - the quintessential read on CMH. A life-long student of the mountains Topher has done it all - climbing, skiing, guiding and draws on those experiences as an author, photographer and motivational speaker. Topher lives in Colorado, when he and his wife are not travelling and introducing their 4-yr old twins to the world of high adventure.

John Entwistle: Skier, Gear Junkie, Aspiring Photographer and Resident Practical Joker. John grew up in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, moved east to Calgary for school, and now spends his time living the dream in the Bow Valley. John's wry sense of humour and natural knack for story-telling keep us all laughing. Follow John on Twitter at @cmh_heli or @from_thejohn and catch up with him on our Facebook page.

Marty von Neudegg: Skier, Dad, Skier, Thinker, Hiker, Skier, Lawyer and Director of Corporate Services and General Counsel for CMH. Marty is a born-and-raised Banffite who's career path has been determined by skiing opportunities. No one quite knows how a lawyer became our marketing guy, but Marty was so inspired by our founder, Hans Gmoser he left the dark arts behind. He's the guy that keeps us on the straight and narrow.