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5 Things to Consider when buying Ski Boots


As every skier knows, your boots can make or break your day. You don't want to be going into the lodge early because your feet are uncomfortable.  I asked Andy Anderson, hard goods manager for CMH's retail division for 5 things to consider when buying a pair of ski boots.

Andy pointed out that skiing in powder is considerably different than skiing hard pack at your local hill so there are different considerations for your Heli-Ski boot than your typical boot.  Andy suggested the following 5 pointers:
CMH Heli-Skiing & Surefoot

  • Overall comfort - if the boot simply doesn't feel good on your foot, put it back on the shelf.
  • Flex - generally skiers prefer a boot with a little more flex for powder skiing.  Talk to a professional boot fitter, let him or her know the conditions you anticipate skiing in and ensure you get a boot with a flex commensurate to your weight and ability.
  • Toe Box - leave a little 'wiggle room' in the toe box.  You want to be able to move your toes so they don't get cold. Toes crunched up against the end of your boot could ruin your day.
  • Last - consider the 'last' used to mould the boot - ensure the boot is not made on a last that is too narrow or too wide for your foot.
  • Heel Pocket - you want the heel pocket to fit snug so you are not shifting around in your boot.

Andy says "Seek the advise of a professional boot fitter before you commit to a pair of new boots, as opposed to fitting your own off the shelf at your local sporting goods shop".  Consider Surefoot, CMH's new partner for the 2010 Heli-Ski season, for their exceptional boot fitting process and their unconditional guarantee .  

At CMH we want to ensure that you have all the ingredients of a great Heli-Ski trip -right down to your boots. In fact we are offering a $500 USD Surefoot credit to anyone who books a new 7-day Heli-Ski trip with CMH with their American Express card by December 31, 2009. Because if you don’t already own Surefoot ski boots, we think you should get some!

To learn more about Surefoot, visit 



I'm exctied to learn about Surefoot. I see there's a store in Whistler. I live in Calgary. How would I get a pair? 
Posted @ Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:45 AM by Ellen Slaughter
Hi Ellen - thanks for following along! You are correct- the only Surefoot store in Canada is in Whistler and as they custom fit the boots to your feet, you can't order on line. They will also shape and re-fit the liners of your existing boots so next time you are in Whistler take your boots in and they'll fine-tune them for you. Have a great ski season!
Posted @ Monday, October 19, 2009 10:25 AM by Jane Carswell
Hi Andy 
I ordered a pair of 170 Helli Dady from you about 8 or 9 days ago. Do you have a tracking # on them, as I am worried about where they are. 
Thanks, Don Guild
Posted @ Tuesday, January 25, 2011 4:08 PM by don Guild
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