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Posted by Jane Carswell on Oct 14, 2009 11:47:00 AM

by Marty von Neudegg

The name says a lot about what you will find here but definitely not everything. Heli-Skiing is founded on a strong base of winter mountaineering. In our collective DNA is a passion to discuss all the aspects of winter in the mountains…not just how great the skiing was today. This is the same passion that you will find when you are sitting around a fire in the evening at any ski lodge or hut where serious mountaineers convene. CMH Heli-Skiing, GalenaThose types of discussions are driven by people of strong opinions who believe deeply in what they are saying. These discussions can be intimate, contemplative or raucous. Many times the participants will find that there are one or two true experts in the group, who know a lot about the topic at hand and the conversation will become less about hyperbole and more about everyone else finding that this is a great chance to learn something, perhaps look at issues from a different perspective and maybe even have some fun while they are at it! It is our expectation that this blog will be that virtual fireside discussion: a forum with passionate experts who are questioned by those who are hungry to know more.

Here you will find a variety of discussions on topics that matter to everyone who travels in the backcountry during the winter such as: ski-touring; mountain guiding; mountain and avalanche safety; hazard evaluation; the ethics of sport and travel in the mountains; ski tips for all levels of skiers and many other topics that are part of the wonderful tapestry of skiing and mountain life.

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