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What Inspires YOU to Ski Tour?

Posted by Jane Carswell on Nov 25, 2009 11:02:00 AM

CMH Heli-Skiing, in partnership with Arc’teryx and Greg Hill, launches a “What Inspires You to Ski Tour” video contest.  The grand prize?  7 days of Heli-Assisted Ski Touring for 2 based from CMH’s Adamant Lodge.  Our friends at Arc’teryx will provide the winner with $4,500CDN worth of gear and will send uber-ski tourer, Greg Hill along for some inspiration and conversation.

I sat down with Greg and asked him a few questions about ski touring.  Here’s what he had to say:

Jane: Greg, You’ve spent a lot of time in these mountains of BC, what makes it special for you?
Greg: These mountains are spectacular, especially covered in snow. An ocean of skiable summits that will challenge and reward anyone willing to venture out into them. They are virtually empty of people, and most days feel like explorations to places people may have not been before. There are few places on earth where you can really feel that emptiness, and BC happens to be one of them.
JC: How did you get interested in the sport to begin with – what or who is it that inspires YOU to ski tour?
GH: I always enjoyed exploring and was a ski racer from an early age, it simply took the right opportunity to mix the two passions and voila!  As kids we would do these huge cross-country epics that were similar to ski touring except now we get deep powder turns as the reward.

I have been inspired by many different people over the years, these last few winters I have been blown away by the passion of some of my older clients. At 70+ and even 82 these people have shown me that regardless of levels of ability the backcountry is still just as amazing. If I get to be that age and enjoying it as much as they are then I have succeeded.

I am also inspired by the mountains and their limitless potential. For years they have been challenging me and rewarding me. I can look around and see that there will always be new and exciting adventures awaiting.

JC: What makes this particular ski tour so great?
GH: This will be as good as it gets.  You get the best of the backcountry combined with the luxury of CMH. Take out all the grueling parts of ski touring and add in more of the amazing moments. Heli access, right to the goods, no long valley approaches or heinous creek bashes. Just up and dropped off where the skiing is epic and the rewards are everywhere. Helicopter access to remote hard-to-access areas, where the skiing is untracked all day. After every incredible day, the helicopter will pick us up and fly us directly back to the hot tub and great food. Imagine how great that week is going to be!

JC: What are you looking for in the winning video?
GH: People with passion. Great footage is a plus but more importantly - a great story.

Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear it!  Put together a short video telling us What Inspires you to Ski Tour (under 2 minutes, please) and post it to YouTube.  If we like the story you tell, you get to come Heli-Assisted Ski Touring at CMH's Adamant Lodge.  So what are you waiting for? There's no reason not to enter!


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