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Skiing Plans for the Holidays?

Posted by Jane Carswell on Dec 14, 2009 12:10:00 PM
CMH Heli-Skiing ChristmasWell, Christmas is almost upon us.  All us CMH’ers are so wrapped up in the great snow and ski conditions out in the Columbias I almost forgot that there’s a big holiday coming up.  But I was chatting with our gregarious Bugaboo Area Manager, Dave Cochrane and asked him about his holiday traditions.

JC: Dave, Where’s your favourite place to spend Christmas?
DC: Over the past thirty years I have spent at least twenty Christmases either at the Cariboo Lodge or the Bugaboos. I have been fortunate on these weeks to have enjoyed great friendship and shared phenomenal skiing with friends, staff and guests. It often starts to snow like crazy during this part of December, almost like the snow gods are thinking about us.

JC: What makes Christmas at the lodge so special?
DC: The cool thing about Christmas at the Bugaboos is that it is our opening week. Everyone is jazzed to renew friendships, be back on their skis and boards, to be out in the mountains feeling the cold fresh air, taking in the views and flying in the heli. It’s all about renewal in our life, a seasonal one that is inspiring emotionally, physically, and mentally.

JC: Is it really Christmas at the lodge, or just like another great week of HeliSkiing at the Bugs?
DC: No, man, it’s full-on Christmas.  Christmas trees and decorations, Christmas eve dinner, champagne, SANTA, Christmas day dinner, hockey on the pond, bonfires and yeah, even a surprise gift or two or three…There’s special activities for the children and teenagers… Sharing all this with our “extended family” at the lodge is very special.

JC: Sounds like fun!  
DC: It totally is. You should come! Bring the kids – they won’t be the only ones there.  Skiing kids get a special rate with a lower vertical than the adults.  When they tire out they can come back to the lodge for supervised activities.  Consider joining us. I guarantee you will enjoy beyond measure the spirit of our “family” and make some great friends, maybe even ski a bit!

JC: Kay, my kids are a bit young, but I’ll see you there in 10 years!
DC: Deal!

Have you finalized your holiday ski plans?  We’ve still got a few spaces over Christmas and New Years…or Spring Break for that matter!  Or if you can't make it this year, imagine the "I Love You"'s that you'd see on Christmas morning if your family unwrapped a 2010 Christmas at CMH gift this year?!  Call us at 1.800.661.0252 and we'll set you up for lots of love this Christmas!

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