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5 Last-Minute Gifts for the Heli-Skier in your life

Posted by Mark Piquette on Dec 22, 2009 2:45:00 PM

Looking for some (very) last minute gift ideas for the heli-skier in your life? I am not sure you will get all of these under the tree or in the stocking on Christmas day...but that is okay as long as the intended receipent of your largess gets it by the time they go heli-skiing!

Contour HD1. Helmet Cam.  There are some really cool HD cameras on the market right now. For smooth action look for something that shoots in 720-60p  Check out offerings from Contour and GoPro  

 2. Flip-flops.  There is nothing better than a pair of flip flops for hanging around the lodge. I especially like the Fannings from Reef with the bottle opener in the sole. But remember, no glass in the spa area...get a plastic cup from the bar.

3. Multi-tool.  You never know when you are going to need a multi-tool. Knife, pliers, screw's all there. Just don't forget to take it out of your carry-on before you get on the plane. Check out Leatherman or Gerber.

4. iPod Touch.  Why carry a computer on a heli-trip? Alright sometimes you need one...especially if you get the helmet cam mentioned above. The iPod Touch is the ticket.  Watch movies on the bus from Calgary, listen to some tunes to get you ready for skiing, check email, surf the internet and send photos to your friends back home, apps to impress all your new friends at the bar.

5.Compact Binoculars.  These always are great to have. There is so much to look at when you are eating lunch or an extra few minutes before the next pick up. Like most things you can spend a lot but check out the Ravens from Carson...$79

Bonus: And don't forget to make sure your favourite heliskier has a trip booked with CMH.  Pay in full with your Amex and recieve a $500 gift certificate at Surefoot for some slick new ski boots! Wouldn't that be a nice stocking stuffer?

Happy Holidays everyone!


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