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The 5th Helicopter Skiing Misperception as Identified by Conan O'Brien

Posted by Jane Carswell on Jan 16, 2010 7:48:00 AM
"Bring a shovel for when you get buried alive"

For those of you that missed it, actor Rob Lowe was on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Thursday night (Jan 14, 2010). O'Brien asked Lowe about his love of heli-skiing and the conversation took a turn that  Lowe clearly had not intended.

In light of this, I thought I would expand upon my January 8th post on the 4 Helicopter Skiing Misperceptions and clarify a few things for Mr. O'Brien.

Rob Lowe describes heli-skiing as a sport where you wear an avalanche beeper so you can get found if you get buried and you carry a shovel so you can dig out your buddy if he gets buried. 

This, Mr. O'Brien,is true.  But it is important to put this all in perspective.  So, I asked Rob Rohn, CMH's Director of Mountain Operations about it and he said that "having tranciever, probe and shovel is similar to having an airbag in your car. You may never use it in the time you own the car, but if you do, you'll sure be glad it's there."

O'Brien goes on to mock the idea of taking a core sample of the snow to predict the stability of the surrounding terrain. Those of us who have heli-skied know how detailed and specific a science snow safety really is.  For more on CMH's Safety program, Mr. O'Brien, I urge you to check out this page and then consider the accumulated experience of our mountain guides.

If you still have questions about CMH's Snow Safety program, please call us, and not Conan O'Brien.  Our Snow Safety Manager, Colani Bezzola would be happy to answer any questions. Safety is his passion...something that he shares with all of us at CMH. You can reach Colani at 1-800-661-0252 or by e-mail

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