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The Adventures of a CMH Intern

Posted by John Entwistle on Jan 15, 2010 5:19:00 PM
Well, my first week as a student marketing intern is coming to a close. Only 10 minutes left on the friday of my first week! The only trouble, is that I don't want to stop working... I used to lie in bed at night and think about what I was going to do when I had everything I wanted. Nowadays, it seems as though I lie in bed at night and think about what I am doing tomorrow. This first week has truly blown my mind and I am excited for that to continue for the next 8 months.

 I plan to do a blog entry on the CMH blog every Friday for the rest of my internship. My blogs will probably range from boring to funny, sad to ecstatic, and some weeks they will just be downright epic.

Here in our main offices in Banff Alberta, the mood always seems to be extremely positive. I never though that I would work in a place where I would overhear conversations of 45cm snow days, Warren Miller film shoots, and general dislikes for warm weather... This place is like no other.

The fact that this place is like no other really sets the stage for the rest of the company as well. It is probably one of the few corporate head offices in the world where everyone shows up dressed in ski sweaters and soft shell jackets. And don't you try and tell me that there isn't a dress code... for my interview I happened to wear a tie which is apparently a major faux pas in Banff. I may or may not have even been threatened with non ending harrasment if I decided to wear a tie again (all in good fun of course)

There certainly is no shortage of work around here either! For my first week I feel as though I am already right in the thick of things. I have taken on several advertising related projects and I have spent countless hours on the computer analyzing web analytics. I have also created facebook (John E CMH) and Twitter (JohnCMH) accounts and you should feel free to add me to get even more up to date information. All of this on top of meetings and orientation type activities! It has all been great so far and nothing is overwhelming as of yet!

Well I would love to keep going with this but it is now well past 5 and I should probably head home to get some rest so that I can get in some turns this weekend!


Happy Skiing


John E