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How does a CMH Millionfooter Spend The Summer?

Posted by Jane Carswell on Jan 18, 2010 2:58:00 PM
by Nancy DaDalt
The research is in...well okay, an adhoc bit of research, but these are the toppers (in no particular order):
- Sailing
- Summer home
- Triathlons
- Cycling
- Time with family
I recently heard a story about a CMH million footer who has been heli-boarding every winter since 2001. He called in to make his 2011 reservation and said "I have to tell you about a conversation I had with Kevin this morning. We were discussing summer 2010, all of the things to do and places to go. We had been talking about Disneyworld so I had been looking at what triathlon I could do while we were there. 'Dad...I don't want to go to Disneyworld any more. I want to go back to CMH.' Can you imagine my delight...and worry. He needs the fix at EIGHT!!"  
Losee Family Heli-HikeTodd Losee, heli-boarder, triathlete, husband, father, from Spring Lake Michigan, and I shared emails and a phone conversation on how, and why, his son Kevin was coming back for another CMH Summer Adventure.

ND - What could possibly change an 8 year old's mind about Disneyworld?
TL - KJ had the time of his life at the Bobbie Burns last summer. He was co-pilot in the helicopter, was given the role of lead guide as we crested the ridge and came to the toe of a glacier.  He was the first to taste desserts prepared by the pastry chef, he wasn't just a kid on holidays with his family.  He was part of the team up there.  Kevin had an authentic experience, up close and personal.  He wasn't looking in and watching, he was part of it.  When we were preparing to leave the lodge for a final helicopter ride you could see the physical change.  As we pulled away from the heli-pad, he cried.  He didn't want to leave. 
ND – Is this what you expected when you booked this trip?
TL - My first winter I convinced my wife Diane that my heli-boarding trip was a once in a lifetime experience. Little did I know that it would become an annual event. It's so hard to explain to people what my time with CMH is like? The new friends I have made, the attention and friendship from the guides and staff...that magic.  I wanted to share this magic with Diane & KJ.
I was BLOWN AWAY by the experience. I had NO idea that it would be this spectacular. I was wrong. This wasn’t an expensive walk in the woods with old people.  Here's Diane..let her tell you first hand. 
DL - The day on the via ferrata...was the BEST day of my life.  I get it.  Now I know why Todd comes here every winter.  Why he needs to. I've always supported his trips and now I'm excited about them too. And when KJ cried as we left the lodge.  I knew we had made family memories that would last forever. 
ND - What else would you like to share?
TL - Diane and I believe life is about experiences. I worried that KJ may not have the opportunity to see such mountains and glaciers like I have. When he starts to travel will there be glaciers left?  What will the world be like?  I wanted him to see them first hand.  Kevin is you want to talk to him too?
ND - Can you tell me what your favourite part of your trip was Kevin?
KL - Mr. Lyle my guide and Mr. Duane.  And that I saw a glacier and I touched a glacier.  I cried when I left and I am so glad we are going back. 
ND - Any final words from the Losee family?
TL - We were so grateful for how engaging the staff, the guests and the guides were with KJ.  It is the magic of CMH. To welcome a child so openly spoke volumes to why I come here over and over again.
DL - There will be 5 of us this summer.  Let them know we'll be back.  Can we have Lyle again?
KL - See you in the summer...with my new sister and cousin!
Summers are about time you remember how special yours were?  Come and make some of your own family memories that will last a lifetime.  We guarantee it! To plan a CMH Summer Adventure for your family, call Audrey at 1-800-661-0252 or email her.

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