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CMH Intern: 3 Learnings From CMH

Posted by John Entwistle on Jan 22, 2010 4:36:00 PM

Well this week for my blog post I thought that I would share with you the three biggest things I have learned in the two short weeks that I have been at CMH so far. This will be a good lesson on CMH and life.The picture to the left is our marketing supervisor Al watching over my desk.

1. Surrounding yourself in heli skiing related materials doesn't mean that you are heli skiing!- Like many of you, I have cluttered my office with all sorts of heli skiing items. I have the most recent CMH calendar hanging on my wall which gives me inspiration ever day. My desktop wallpaper consists of a head on shot of a bell 212 transporting a guide and his crew wherever they please. I have every brochure, newsletter, and dvd out on my desk waiting to be sent off. All of this is great motivation, in fact some times I feel as though I am out there just sitting in my office. When I get our daily snow report every morning I check to see how much new snow each lodge has received. I think the snow report has actually altered my perceptions substantially... I now look at the snow report and am not impressed with any amount of snow under 15-20cms because 30-40cms seems to be fairly normal. When I am resort skiing I am so excited to see 10 or even 5cms because I know that will allow me to maybe get 2 or 3 good runs in before it gets skied out. With heli skiing there is no need to worry about any of that. If an area is skied out (highly unlikely, unless the moose and squirrels have learned to ski) you can just fly across the valley to another skiing spot. I am greatly anticipating my first trip out to one of our lodges which will hopefully be coming up in the next few weeks. I hope to see you out there!

2. There are sandwiches in our fridge!- On Monday of this week I learned that the sandwiches which are left over from the guest lunches on the bus from their lodges are dropped off in the Banff offices. Now these sandwiches are quite possibly some of the best sandwiches you will ever eat. The superb chefs at CMH create masterpieces of bread, meat, veggies, and love. This week I found out that these sandwiches are generally fair game for staff lunch. Although most of the time they are gone by Monday afternoon. Some weeks sandwiches can hang around for a couple of days, although that is a very rare occurrence. I suppose the best course of action to avoid the feeding frenzy of staff would be to go on a trip with CMH where the sandwiches would be freshly made every day along with all of the other amazing meals prepared by the world class chefs!

3. Do not steal granola. No matter how good it looks- Although this may not seem like a big deal... stealing granola from a co-worker which has been purchased at the coveted wildflower bakery is apparently an offence which is inexcusable. At $8.50/bag this stuff is very good, and very pricey. On Tuesday January 19 at approximately 12:30pm, the granola was left in the lunch room by one of my co-workers. And then, at 12:16 pm on Thursday January 21, our ENTIRE office was hit with an email. This email was no ordinary email. In fact I had never experienced an email like this before in my life. The email was titled "Grumpy without Granola". This title was being whispered around the office for hours. Accusations had started circling and people were scared. Then at 2:37pm, precisely 2 hours and 31 minutes after the initial email, a response was sent. The culprit had been found! It was an honest mistake by a coworker who was clearly an opportunist when it comes to eating high priced granola. She had eaten the granola over two days, shared it with her neighbours, and thoroughly enjoyed every crumb. Clearly after this episode I will never eat anything without prior authorization from the owner!

Until next week,