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Off to Shoot a Heli Ski Film

Posted by Mark Piquette on Jan 27, 2010 9:56:00 AM

1983. Scot Schmidt launched off the Palisades at Squaw in Warren Miller's Ski Time. It changed how I thought about skiing forever.  I remember sitting in the audience in Billings, Montana with my jaw on the floor as Scot skied the line with an ease I could not have imagined until then. 

Fast forward to today. Friday the crew and equipment begins to arrive in Calgary as CMH and Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) prepare to spent a week filming based out the Gothics.  I am excited. Are you going to see something as new as Scot Schmidt skiing the Palisades in 1983? Don't know. I do know you will see some incredible skiing and some of the most spectacular terrain on captured on film.  We have two cameraman shooting on the ground and from the air, we have a still photographer capturing the action, we have a cineflex mounted to a 407 and one of the best ariel camera operators at the controls.

Cineflex Camera

Olympian Jonny Moseley, K2 Factory Team member Andy Mahre and CMH Guides Lindsay Anderson and Craig McGee will be doing the skiing in front of the camera. We have some of the best helicopter pilots in the world from Alpine Helicopters. Claude and Geoff will be handling guiding and snow safety for the shoot.

We will be posting behind-the-scenes updates during the week we are filming. Come back to the CMH blog and check out photos, videos and other assorted items from the film shoot.  Got questions for any of the film crew, athletes, guides or pilots about making ski movies? Post them here and I will get you answers.



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