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Posted by Frances Dewart on Feb 2, 2010 3:03:00 PM

John, a fellow intern in the Banff office, has begun posting blogs of his account.  I can't allow myself to be shown up in the office so I will describe my own exciting intern adventures! To start a little on my background, I am a Physical Education student from the University of Alberta, Edmonton specializing in sport, recreation, and tourism. I'm currently completing my final semester, in my 4th year, and will be graduating in April (if everything goes according to plan)! I chose to apply to do my practicum with CMH because when faced with the question of where to work I couldn't find a company or place where I would be happier to be. I love skiing and the outdoors and feel so lucky to be here. Here is my take on my first weeks with CMH:

Unlike John, I showed up for my first day of work at a heli-pad, not in the office. I was excited and the dark highway and wet snowflakes did not faze me one bit, I was on my way to a heli-ski lodge for my very first time! After a wrong turn, and a lot of tone deaf singing in my car, I arrived at the Bobbie Burns heli-pad. Two weeks later, sad to be leaving, I returned to my car to head back to Banff. Still, those first two weeks of work had taught me some important lessons.

1. You work hard for the money... so hard for the money: The first thing I learned was that you work really, really hard in a lodge and there is never a shortage of things to do. I also learned that if you think you have finished, you should probably keep quiet, because someone else will definitely prove you wrong.

2. You work hard for the skiing... not the money: This is an amendment to my first lesson. I soon learned that you work really hard so that when a ski spot comes up you can grab all your gear as fast as possible and get out to the helicopter. Lodge staff come from many different places and a variety of backgrounds, but the unifying factor is that they all tell you how much they truly love to ski or board. Getting my first taste of heli-skiing, I can assure John that, yes, it is every bit as good as all the promotions suggest, even better to be honest.

3. Beware of the lodge monsters: while all the lodge staff may seem warm and inviting, I'll warn you that some of these people are evil, i.e. the pastry chef, chef, and bartender. Everyday this group prepares a wide assortment of food and beverages...all too tasty and tempting. I learned first hand, as a victim in their delicious traps, that you can suffer a plethora of ailments such as a stomachache at night, a pounding head in the morning, a fuzzy memory of embarrassing acts, and great difficulty trying to zip up your pants at the end of your time there.

Other than these lessons I learned just how much fun, and how beautiful, visiting one of CMH's lodges can be. I am now am back in Banff, happily settled into my new position in the office...but you'll have to wait until my next post to hear more about that!


Frances Dewart

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