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Olympians at CMH: A look back

Posted by Mark Piquette on Feb 25, 2010 1:45:00 PM

If you have been watching any of the ski racing from the 2010 games you have seen Aksel Svindal from Norway win a couple of medals.  Aksel skied at CMH Adamants two years ago and can be seen in the movie "Eyes Wide Open" surprise...he can flat out ski. Men and women who have raced at the highest levels can turn a ski in any condition. It is always humbling to ski with them.

Aksel continues a long history of Olympians skiing at CMH. Benni Raich, Marlies Schild, Ingemar Stenmark, Phil and Steve Mahre, Franz Klammer and Steve Podborski just to name a very small few.  As we were digging through some of the great historical ski footage we have here at CMH for the Warren Miller film segment, we came across this gem: Billy Kidd and Karl Schranz skiing with Leo in the Bugaboos.  This was from the American TV show American Sportsman hosted by Curt Gowdy.  This is pure gold!

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