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What Inspires TIM to Ski Tour?


Friday afternoon I had the great pleasure of speaking with Tim Oliphant to share some exciting news.  Tim, you see, submitted an entry into our What Inspires You to Ski Tour video contest.  After much deliberation by our panel of six judges, Tim was chosen as our winner.

Now, I can't say it was an easy decision as 25+ impassioned men and women from Canada and the US submitted inspiring entries into the contest. Our judges unanimously agreed on two entries and after much deliberation awarded the Grand Prize to Tim for this  video piece:


Coming in a very close second to Tim was Beau Chevassus with this submission:


We look forward to meeting Tim and his touring partner on April 2 when he arrives in Calgary, AB to collect his $4500 of Arc'teryx equipment and sets off for 7 days of Heli-Assisted Ski Touring at the Adamant Lodge (valued at $7000 CDN) with CMH and Greg Hill, Mr. Vertical himself.

Congratulations, Tim.  See you in April!

CMH Heli-Skiing and Arc'teryx Equipment would like to thank all those who prepared entries for the contest.  You truly are an amazing group of passionate men and women and we enjoyed watching all of the compilations. To view all of the entries search for CMH, Arc'teryx on YouTube.



Awesome video Tim, you totally deserve it man! 
God bless, 
Posted @ Sunday, February 28, 2010 3:49 PM by Beau Chevassus
I loved your video, Tim. I work at CMH, and I think you are the perfect guy to come join us for the most amazing ski touring experience you can imgine! Have a great time.  
Posted @ Monday, March 01, 2010 11:31 AM by Laura Newsome
Great job Tim! Also, congrats on winning the Hot Sauce video contest! And good luck on the Progressive Insurance video contest. Good effort on the Doritos video contest. Good job on American Gladiators. I'm sure your entry video was spectacular. 
Thanks to CMH and Arc'teryx for having a cool contest for us to impart the inspiration for touring. I can't deny it, you guys know the soul of backcountry skiing!
Posted @ Monday, March 01, 2010 6:13 PM by Ralph Shelton
Thanks Beau, 
You video was incredible...I wish we could all go on this trip. Thanks for the well wishes. I gotta leard to do some stop motion! 
Posted @ Monday, March 01, 2010 6:14 PM by Tim
Whew! I am glad I didn't enter, I thought it was about What Inspires You To Actually Ski Tour. Not what inspires you to make semi professional videos about something you've never done before. That would have been embarrassing! What a joke for a contest.  
There were a lot of good videos of people that get out there and actually backcountry ski, and will probably never get a chance to experience something as epic as this trip. Any one of them would have talked about and remembered this trip forever. I doubt the winner even knew who Greg Hill was before this contest, while most every actual backcountry skier would probably chop off their grandmas wooden leg for a chance to ski with Him. 
Tim, don't take it personally, you did your job, the video was well made, congrats, Add it to your portfolio. Let me make this very clear - I am not sore that I didn't win, because I didn't enter!. I am just dissapointed in CMH and Arc`teryx for taking a good idea and getting distracted by the Bells and Whistles of production, and overlooking the content. That is one of the reasons I didn't enter, I have no production experience and no money to hire somebody to make up a video for me, all I have is ACTUAL VIDEO OF ACTUAL SKI TOURING! 
.....stepping off the soapbox.... 
One last thing... Tim I hope your able to really take advantage of this epic opportunity . Another reason I didn't want to enter was because I am not a great backcountry skier. I didn't want to take away from somebody who could have really gotten something out of this deal, so I just hope your skills and fitness are up to the task. stepping away from the soapbox.....
Posted @ Monday, March 01, 2010 7:47 PM by Chris
Thanks you CMH! 
You somehow, amid all of the entries, picked the only 2 that had absolutely nothing to do with what you asked for in the requirements. There were some fantastic entries from people who are passionate and inspired by ski touring, and you picked the 2 that used the best video gear (and didn't even have snow in them.)  
I should have known - this was all marketing and had nothing to do with ski touring. Ski touring is free, right?
Posted @ Tuesday, March 02, 2010 9:48 AM by Matt
Before this gets a little out of control, and coming from a person who did not get a prize (heck I should be the angry one people! Hahahaha!) I'd like to point out that yes, the panel of judges did choose according to the criteria. 
Regarding our video: Having an atypical concept in the back of our soggy little brains, we read, re-read, and re-read again the full rules no less than 10 times to see if our video would jibe with the criteria. It did. To be fair I think it should have been much more blatantly clear--it was far too deep. 
As a reminder, straight from the rules, it says: 
a) content portraying “What Inspires You to Ski Tour”;  
b) creativity;  
c) originality and impact; 
Yes my friend and I could've spent just as much time going up to Rainier and shooting some "actual ski touring footage," as mentioned above, but this is what nearly everyone else did and we wanted to do something original and creative (see criteria B and C). 
We put a lot of thought into ours, Tim did as well, as did some others, and anyone for that matter could have achieved the same criteria as above--professional and non alike. 
One last thing my friends: I know Hubspot well (this blog's technology) and there are very good chances that CMH can see your IP addresses, pin-pointing exactly where [and ultimately who] you are. You're not anonymous here. So please, tone down the blistering sarcasm and graciously accept the panel of judges decision. 
Posted @ Tuesday, March 02, 2010 12:22 PM by Beau Chevassus
I think the prize should go to Ralph, that was truly creative and funny. I've got to agree with Matt on this one. 
Nice production skills for the boys up top but what about soul? 
That is why I backcountry ski I guess, to get away from all the marketing hype like this. 
Good luck on the next internet contest fellas. The rest of us will be in the backcountry.
Posted @ Tuesday, March 02, 2010 5:56 PM by JB
Thanks JB, but the sad truth is that it's a fact about the plethora of video contest entries from the winner! For most Backcountry skiers the memory of such an awesome trip would last a lifetime. For some, it's a notch on a video contest bedpost. 
Beau, thanks for posting the rules. I have only read them twice and noticed that you may have complied with the rules, but missed out on the Eligibility portion: Entries are limited to individuals only; commercial enterprises and business entities are not eligible. Do you not conceive and create films for money? Heck, you even put this contest in your Portfolio within 24 hours of getting 2nd Place. 
Here's a cool article: 
I'm not trying to pick you apart. Heck, if you are ever in Idaho I would love to take you to some Backcountry stashes. It's just frustrating you are so defensive on this. Your last comment on anonymity is rather disturbing. Nobody is hiding. If I had the judges in front of me I would speak in the same manner. They have my first and last name, email, and blog. Just because someone doesn't feel comfortable putting all of their information in the fields, isn't reason for such suspicion. Maybe blistering sarcasm isn't legal in Washington, but in Idaho it's acceptable to convey opinion using it, or wit, have you. 
Like JB said, have fun with the video contests. I'm just a low-life B/C skier that was looking for easy turns! I don't have formal education for filmmaking, but I know that the pointy part of a mountain is up, and when you get there, you can ski back down! 
Posted @ Tuesday, March 02, 2010 9:26 PM by Ralph Shelton
haha. I'm far from being a commercial enterprise or business entity, but maybe someday my hobby will lead me in that direction. :) 
p.s No worries, I also don't have any "formal education for filmmaking," unless you consider my stage theatre and religion degree as helping our video. :D
Posted @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 12:01 AM by Beau Chevassus
Holy Cow Beau...So Defensive. Well, my self professed soggy brained little friend, were do I begin?  
First off, this is not personal, do not take it so, it is a BLOG. A place where comments can be posted and people can express opinions freely, without fear of threats..... which is almost what your last comment feels like to me. If people want to be anonymous, they surely have the right to be. I understand you are from Washington, but I do believe that Blistering Sarcasm, Anonymity, and Free Speech are still legal, in Washington, and on Internet Blogs. It would also appear that CMH supports free speech, since they have not felt the need to stifle it by deleting these posts. Also they would not have the need for any CSI style IP address tracking, they could just email us. 
I will say, at first I could not understand why you even posted a rebuttal when you are not the winner. Or why you are so defensive about losing. As you said, "(heck I should be the angry one people! Hahahaha!)". Then I realized you supported this blogs idea that the two videos were done for the sake of winning a video contest, not to show the 'soul' and inspiration of backcountry skiing.....see, you weren't the first loser of a super awesome heli-ski trip with Greg Hill.... you were the runner up of a high value video contest. And as supported by you with your online profile, (credit to Ralph, very nice), runner up is almost as good as winning for someone who makes videos for the purpose of making money and expanding their video making repertoire, (or bedpost notches, again Ralph, nice!)  
For an Actual Backcountry Skier, second place would just be the first loser of a very cool experience, and nobody would ever hear from him/her. 
Again, I will say, it is nothing personal to you beau, or tim. The videos were nice, they were creative and original, and you didn't make the judges pick you guys, or overlook the eligibility requirements. I just think they missed the point, as Matt says 'what about soul'? You just can't have soul and inspiration about something you have never done, because if you had soul and desire and inspiration about backcountry skiing, you would be out there......and I don't think "going up to Rainier and shooting some "actual ski touring footage," would count as actual ski touring footage. Although I would be slightly impressed if you have a ski touring rig......I digress...anyhow,  
Tim, again congrats on first place of the video contest; and Beau, congrats on being the runner up of the video contest! 
To CMH and Arc`teryx, my mom always said if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, so......I'll just 'ditto' Matts' comments! 
Greg Hill, I am sorry on many levels,(none of which involve my opinions on this blog though), for you being involved in this goat rodeo!  
Ralph, Matt, JB...after I get your IP addresses from Hubspot and pinpoint exactly where [and ultimately who] you are...(insert short fiendish laughter).... maybe we can go hike for some turns together someday. Heres to keepin it real!
Posted @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 12:59 AM by Anonymous Chris
I never got off my lazy ass and created an entry, so I can't complain too much, however, my heart goes out to those who did and were beat out by slick productions created by people lured in to the competition by the dollar signs of the grand prize and resume padding opportunities, rather than the truly incredible experience of being able to spend a week in the mountains with Greg Hill. 
Would you have still entered if the prize didn't include free gear and a helicopter? What if the prize included one week of accommodations at the nicest (haha) hotel in Roger's Pass and a 45 minute info session about the new closure/permit areas?  
For those who'd like to spend a week with Greg, last I heard there is still one spot available if you want to buy your way into this trip. 
I have done this and am actually a bit stoked over the winner, because while Tim is figuring out how the skins go on the skis and trying to remember how to make turns downhill in variable conditions, Greg and I, along with maybe a few other paying customers will be ripping it up and down. 
Congrats on the win - I hope to see you in a month Tim. Put down the camera, step away from the editing software and get on the treadmill, or better yet, the skin track.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 12:18 PM by Wade
Thanks to everyone for your posts. I am one of judges in the contest and I can tell you of the 7 judges, 6 of them are active ski tourers. The final decision was made by a professional mountain guide who is also an award winning film-maker. The finalists were chosen from a short list with all the criteria in mind. Interestingly, all of the judges independently came back with these two entries on their short lists. The final decision is certainly a subjective choice. It is probably safe to say that in any medium there has never been a movie, film, video or book that is universally liked by everyone. But the judges felt that Tim's entry did a good job of capturing what inspires someone to go ski touring...whether it is for the first time or with lots of experience. It conveyed the elements of why we go out there and he did it with some style and some fun...kind of like a day on our skis. 
Posted @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 1:43 PM by Jane
Just doing the math, with 7 judges, seems like each eligible video should have had at least that many "views," but some of the submitted videos have less, or even one view. How does that work if they all watched them individually? Did they even watch them all?
Posted @ Thursday, March 04, 2010 12:49 AM by Dave
Valid question, Dave. Not all of the videos on YouTube were officially submitted to the contest by way of the contest entry form.
Posted @ Thursday, March 04, 2010 11:03 AM by Jane Carswell
I too was one of the judges. I was given a list of links to all of the videos and watched all of them, each one of them, at least twice. There was big range of quality and story telling. Some of the videos were quite good and some were not so good. Everyone tried to answer the question in their own way and they were all well intentioned. But a few stood out from the rest. The five videos that I placed on my short list I watched a few times to seriously consider how I felt about each of them. I know the other judges and they are all serious people who do what is asked of them. To imply otherwise is just silly. The selections were made completely independently. As for the YouTube counts, that is their business and I cannot comment on how they do things. But when I look I see the lowest viewed has 33 views. I also know that some videos were removed by their creator during the contest period and some videos that were posted were not entered in the contest. The final two selections were on all the short lists and are worthy selections given all the criteria.
Posted @ Thursday, March 04, 2010 11:13 AM by Martin
What can I say that hasn't already been said? We got beat by people who make a "living" out of entering video contests lured only by the prize and a chance to add another victory to the portfolio.
Posted @ Thursday, March 04, 2010 4:09 PM by Jeff
I like the sound of contest but am very disappointed with the outcome.
Posted @ Saturday, March 06, 2010 8:27 PM by Keith
that video is surprisingly bad. i didn't even enter the contest, and I'm pissed off that video won. I'm sure Tim's a nice guy, but the video is (have I said it?) terrible.
Posted @ Sunday, March 14, 2010 7:21 PM by tommy romunski
at least the 2nd place video was worse than the 1st place video. sorry, can someone remind what the hell that had to do with your inspiration to ski tour?
Posted @ Sunday, March 14, 2010 7:25 PM by tommy romunski
Enough ridiculous comments if you have the true inspiration and soul you would either be touring or using a stepping stone to take you to the next level of touring. Which does not include blogging. These guys put some real effort into their vids...I never had time to make a vid because my passion is in the mountains where I live, work and play..all my effort goes there. These guys obviously live in the city and need to get out to the mountains more than some of us mountain men and women. Just be happy for them.
Posted @ Monday, April 12, 2010 10:21 AM by dz
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