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Prepping for Heli-Assisted Ski Touring

Posted by Jane Carswell on Apr 2, 2010 2:31:00 PM

If you've been following along, you'll know that our What Inspires You to Ski Tour contest winner is Tim Oliphant.  I caught up with Tim when he was back home in Missouri getting ready for his trip to CMH's Adamant Lodge to see what he was doing to prepare fort his upcoming ski tour.
Inside the heli at CMH
JC: Hey Tim. When I talked to you to let you know you’d won the trip, you sounded like you were jumping up and down in your office.  Tell me honestly, how excited are you about this opportunity and what went through your mind when you found out you’d won?

TO:  I WAS jumping up and down in my office, I just couldn’t believe it!   I mean, I had just won the opportunity to do a Heli assisted ski tour for 7 days along side Greg Hill with new gear from ARC’TERYX!  I couldn't hold still.  As a matter of fact, I was so excited that after I got off the phone with you I ventured outside and took in a 4 mile run just to calm myself down and put things in perspective.  It was very humbling to think that I been chosen as the winner of such an incredible opportunity.  So, with that in mind, I decided that I would approach this trip with the respect it deserves. It is my desire to gain every possible thing I can from this “chance of a lifetime” experience.  The more I think about this trip the more excited I get because every aspect of what I will be doing resonates deeply to the core of who I am. If there were a perfect adventure for me, this would be it!   

JC: So, you’ve never ski toured before, but are a keen skier and strong athlete.  What are you doing specifically to prepare for this trip both mentally and physically?

TO:  The Fit to Heli-Ski tips on this blog are a great read and I have used them as inspiration for my daily workouts. As for the other facets of my training, I was fortunate to graduate from college with a degree in Exercise Physiology. Although I did not pursue a career in this field after college, I do apply this knowledge everyday as I train. When I won this trip I changed my workout to focus on strengthening the parts of my body that I will specifically be using when ski touring.   In addition to my regular running routine I've been incorporating plyometrics, core workouts, stair sprints and such.

Needless to say, I believe that endurance, strong legs and core, as well as, developing my bodies ability to recover quickly from quick bouts of exertion will be key to the enjoyment of this adventure. Make no mistake, I’m expecting this ski tour to be extremely physically demanding, especially for a newbie like myself, and that is why I am doing all I can to get ready.

The mental aspect of my training requires lots of reading…since I am new to ski touring I feel the more I learn about it the more prepared I will be for all of it’s challenges. Finally, I’ve also been taking in lots of ski videos for some inspiration via YouTube, Greg Hill's website and, of course, Warren Miller films.  

JC: Since announcing yours as the winning entry, we’ve learned that you have entered a number of video contests as you are pretty handy with a video camera.  What made this contest different from the others?
TO:  No doubt I’ve had a life long love for video and I take my video camera everywhere I go. Telling stories by making movies is as much apart of my life as adventuring and athletics. In fact, if I were to sum myself up into 3 characteristics this is what they would be…Adventurer, Athlete, Entertainer.  Everything I do typically evolves around at least one of these attributes. So, when I discovered that there were all kinds of video contests online they became a natural outlet for the entertainer side of me.  I saw the  “What Inspires you to Ski Tour” video contest and I had to do a double take… Wow, this one was really different.  Different because it wasn’t asking me to brand, package or sell anything it was simply asking me share my personal reason for wanting to ski tour.  It was also different because the prize offered appealed to not just 1 or 2 of my core characteristics, it appealed to all 3!  Nature, Skiing, climbing, shooting video, blogging, helicopters, snow, mountains, adventure, athletics…it’s all there, I knew had to enter it.  In my eyes, what CMH was asking and what they were awarding was better than any other contest I had ever entered. Therefore, I poured myself and all my resources into the project.  The video I entered is me using all 3 of my core characteristics to share that those same 3 characteristics are what inspire me to ski tour.  The CMH “What Inspires you to Ski Tour” contest was different because it was personal to me and no other contest even gets close to that level.  

JC: Thanks Tim. Obviously we loved your video and were inspired by your passion to get out and try something new.  We're pretty sure that after this trip you, too, will become addicted to ski touring!

We'll be posting a couple of updates from Tim during his trip to the Admants next week so...stay tuned! 

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