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Posted by John Entwistle on May 14, 2010 3:37:00 PM

Having been on skis since the age of 2, I have now officially spent 19 summers waiting for the snow to fly again. Although I am sure many of you have spent many more summers waiting for snow, I still consider myself to be a pretty big expert on what to do to pass the time... The other day, I found myself committing what I would consider to be an amateur's mistake. I was sitting on the side of Cascade Mountain here in Banff, looking off in to the distance at the snow capped mountains. I realized I was sending out negative vibes about winter disappearing. I therefore had to remind myself of the things to do that create positive feelings towards next winter. So, I picked myself up off of that mountain and wrote out a list.

Here are some of the top tips from my list:

  1. Put on your ski gear: Nothing gets you more excited for skiing than throwing on some snowpants and goggles and running around an air conditioned house.
  2. Throw a coat of wax on your skis: If you love your skis as much as I do, you won't want to just throw them in the basement all summer to collect dust and let your bases dry up. In the ski world, this is the equivalent of leaving your dog in the car on a hot day. It is simply not acceptable! So drag those skis out from the basement, and throw on a coat of wax and do not scrape until fall. Either that or take them down to your local ski shop. They will usually do it for around $10. You will thank me in the fall (and your skis will thank me now).
  3. Watch ski movies: Alright, maybe not as many as I do... I even have them on my iPhone for quick reference. But nothing can cure the skiing withdrawal like a quick ski clip. We have a large collection of heliski videos for a quick fix. If you are looking for something with a much higher budget that can be seen on a much bigger screen, check out the Warren Miller Road Show this fall. I hear that there is some EPIC footage from CMH! Or, if you need a CMH-specific fix, fire me an email @ and I can send you a CMH DVD.
  4. Find a glacier and ski there: Whistler and Mt. Hood offer skiing almost year round. I can tell you that the skiing is not great there though. Most of the good skiing can be found in the morning when the glacier is not open to the public and the glacier is as hard as a skating rink. If you prefer quality skiing, you might just want to wait until December when the CMH season starts up again.
  5. Get up in the mountains: This can actually be an awesome activity as long as you don't catch yourself dwelling on the lack of winter. Get out hiking, biking, running, or whatever you love to do in the mountains. Or you can try something that I too will be trying for the first time this year. Heli-Hiking with CMH! I am ecstatic about going up to either the Bobbie Burns or the Bugaboos Lodge and exploring some terrain where few others have been. And who knows... Maybe I will even run in to a Bear!

Until next time, stay safe in your off season activities.


I hope to see you this summer!



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