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Luggage Advice for your Heliskiing Trip

Posted by Jane Carswell on May 25, 2010 10:56:00 AM

By Becky Tannar of

Heliskiing with CMH in BC, CanadaHeli-skiing...what an adventure! What a sport! What a let-down if your luggage doesn't arrive with you and you're left plowing through fresh powder on borrowed equipment (if it's even available) or chilling in the lodge while your friends are having the trip of their lives. When you are travelling to CMH's amazing remote locations, and your luggage doesn't make it with you, getting it to you can take at least a couple of days, and that could be a waste of a trip. Here are a few tips from that will help you ensure that your luggage makes it with you (besides the obvious of carrying your ski boots with you!):

  • Check out the current rules and regulations before you travel. 

Be aware of extra costs for additional baggage. Fees can be incurred with both oversized and overweight luggage. Make sure you are aware of this so that you do not have sticker shock at the airport. Also, every airline, airport and country has different regulations. Make sure you check into all of those factors before your flight. Keep in mind that the atmosphere at the lodge is casual so you don't need to bring a lot with you and CMH asks that you pack light as your bags will be flown into remote lodges by helicopter.

  • Properly tag all of your bags. 

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to put tags on your bags to WHERE YOU ARE GOING, not just your home address. We have many customers who actually have special tags made up and laminated for their trips with multiple locations. These tags have the specific dates they will be at each location. Consider using bright and easily identifiable tags or invest in custom embroidered luggage tags, such as the tags found at TagsForBags on

  • Consider shipping your luggage in advance.

Another option to getting your bags to you is to use a luggage shipping company, such as Luggage Free, which will send your luggage to your destination ahead of time. With this service, you do not have to worry about your luggage arriving with your airline flight. Luggage Free will pick up your bags at your home or office, and then ship them to the CMH office in Banff where their Navigation department will ensure it is sent to the lodge to which you are headed. It is advised that you plan in advance and allow extra days for shipping and getting items through customs. See CMH"s shipping guidelines for more info.

  • Don't Freak Out! 

What we all fear: You finally arrive at your destination and your bags are no where to be found. Then what? Kindness and patience. When you are at the airport, a little patience and kindness goes a long way with ticketing agents and airline personnel. In the event that your luggage is lost, do not panic and take a deep breath before you speak to a representative. Remember, the person who is going to help you find your luggage is most likely not the person who lost it, so keep your cool and give all the pertinent information you can, where you will be, and the fastest and best way to get the bags to you. CMH's guest service experts at the Calgary Airport will help you with the paperwork and will work with your airline to get your bags where they need to go when they arrive. And the lodge's shops do stock most of the ski gear you'll need so be sure to ask the airline how much you'll be reimbursed for the lost items.

So in short, the old adage of "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure" speaks volumes when you are planning on packing and transporting your gear for your next Heli-Skiing adventure. Just remember to read the Trip Preparation section on CMH's website and take these necessary precautions to help avoid any potential stress or disasters on your ascent up to the mountains.        

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