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Ski Psyche in the Off-Season - A Kid's Perspective


A few weeks ago I was walking to the store under cloudless summer skies with my three-year-old twins.  Out of the blue, my daughter says: “Papa, I miss skiing.  I want to go skiing.  Can we go skiing?”

I tried to explain how we needed to wait for the snow before we could go skiing, and that winter would come soon enough.  She seemed content with the answer, and I thought she’d forgotten all about winter fun, but the next morning she came down the stairs all groggy-eyed and crawled onto my lap.  She looked out the window for a minute, seemingly deep in thought, and then turned to me with a disappointed look in her eye and said, “Papa, it did not snow last night.  We cannot go skiing.”

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Since then, my kids talk about skiing pretty much every day.  As a father, it is nice to see them so excited about something I love to do; but as a skier, my kids are driving me nuts.  Now I’m jonesin' for skiing too! 

I tried to order the new Fritschi AT binding that promises to be the rage for riding lifts and backcountry touring, but it’s not available yet.  I caught myself checking out the newest backcountry ski boots and wondering if my goggles would work for another year.  I surfed to one of the CMH guide videos with the excuse of checking out a chest camera that some of the heliski guides are using.

Last week we went hiking.  After perhaps a kilometer, the twins wanted to go back to the truck.  First I tempted them with a snack, but they were still not inspired.  Then I suggested they lead off the trail through some open woods and meadows. That worked for five minutes, and then they wanted to go back to the truck.  
Rather than push them I started to turn around, and then said, “Hiking will help you ski better when it snows.”

They both looked at me for a second, and then took off up the trail, teetering around some big puddles and tiny streams without even getting their feet wet, and kept going for another half an hour before I grew worried about blisters on their little feet and turned us around. 

Now, whenever the twins get tired of walking, I mention skiing and they both find a second wind.  My kids’ sudden and inexplicable late-summer enthusiasm for skiing has rubbed off on me.  I started going out on my road and mountain bikes, and hitting the local skatepark to practice physical balance and mental commitment - until I sprained my ankle, and then my first thought was, “I’ll be healed by ski season!”

Frosty window photo by Topher Donahue. 

Are you jonesin' too?  Want to just talk about powder?  Give us a call.  We can’t wait for that first face shot either.  


Hi! I would suggest that your cancel your order on bindnings an take a look at theese: 
Much more power transmission and still light.
Posted @ Tuesday, August 17, 2010 9:05 AM by Marten
I haven't placed any orders, so will check out the Markers. Thanks!
Posted @ Tuesday, August 17, 2010 9:16 AM by Topher Donahue
That's a great article! 
Very personal, I'd like to convince my wife to do more hiking so I'll have a look around that you've linked to. 
Posted @ Tuesday, August 17, 2010 10:22 AM by Mike Zapowy
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