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CMH Intern: What do I do...?

Posted by John Entwistle on Sep 3, 2010 2:43:00 PM

As our CEO David Barry promised on my first day, I can now say for certain my life has been forever changed.

This became blatantly obvious the other day at my final marketing meeting. Every member of the team had a complete mash-up of my wardrobe over the last 8 months… Ties, hoodies, baseball hats, flip flops… All getting one last shot in at the low guy on the totem pole. I must admit, I got a pretty good kick out of it and it was a fairly accurate representation of, how Patty so nicely puts it; “You have changed from such a nice young man”.photo resized 600

Today is my last day working as the marketing intern in the Banff offices of CMH. I thought that I would reflect why it is so hard to answer people who ask what it is I do.

My job interview was on a very cold day in December last year. I remember it was cold because the suit I was wearing didn’t keep me very warm… It was then that Marty Von Neudegg hired me on to my dream job. At this point, I don’t think that anyone really knew what I would be doing. I knew that I was being brought on to figure out a large part of the “new” internet marketing, but other than that, I was open to anything… This of course made it very had to answer people who wanted to know what I WOULD be doing at CMH.

Now that I am sitting here in my office 8 months after it all began, it seems crazy to think of everything that I have done here at CMH. It turns out that the term “Marketing Intern” is a very loose term. I mean sure, my day to day tasks of manning our facebook, twitter, foursquare, and other social media accounts, among many other things, have kept me busy, but it is all of the “extra curricular activities” that have made my job so hard to explain.

So what is it that makes it so hard to describe what it is I do here? Well, whenever I try to explain, it ends up something like this: Hi I am the marketing intern for CMH, but I am also a bus host, a food delivery man, an airport front desk man, a construction worker, an interior designer, a photographer, a salesman, a blogger, a ski bum, a hiking bum, a social media man, a delivery man, a go-fer, an iPhone evangelist, a rescue bell coverer, a barbequer, a punching bag, and the list could go on forever… I really have had no shortage of things to do in the last 8 months. I hope that some of you have been entertained or have learned something from one of my many blog, facebook, or twitter posts. Some of you have skied, hiked, ridden a bus, or eaten dinner with me, and I can tell you that it was truly a great experience!

The award for the strangest job I have had to do in the last 8 months goes out to Rick Carswell and our Food and Beverage Department. One day in early august, I received a panicked call from Rick. Turns out that both of our food delivery trucks were stuck in Calgary and we had a shipment of ice-cream that needed to get up to the Bobbie Burns. We had to use one of our ski vans to transport the Bobbie Burns their ice-cream shipment. So off I went, air conditioning on full blast and winter jacket on… IN AUGUST!!! Headed for the 4 hour drive up to the Bobbie Burns from Banff. I arrived at the lodge just before dark with the ice-cream still in a solid state! I then ate some left over dinner (almost as good as fresh dinner, yet still better than anything I can cook!), had a few drinks with the guests and staff, and went to bed. Woke up the next morning to a fantastic breakfast, packed myself a lunch, and drove back to the office for work! Definitely one of the crazier 24 hours in the last 8 months.

The last 8 months have been action packed and fun. Going back to school is definitely going to be a major culture shock next week! Hopefully I will be back at CMH someday where I can continue to live the dream. I will be writing a couple of blogs over the winter, so be sure to tune in for those. And if you don’t read my blogs, that’s fine… as long as I see you out in the mountains next winter!


Bring the snow and let’s go skiing!!!



CMH Kootenay Lunch- John EntwistleCMH Kootenay Lunch- John Entwistle

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