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“Keep smiling like that and you’ll frostbite your teeth!”


Of all the photos of CMH Heliskiing, taken by dozens of great photographers over the last 45 years, I find the ones that really communicate the heliski experience best are the ones that show the happy faces of the guests, the staff, the guides, the pilots and everyone involved in a good day of heliskiing. 

You know the ones.  The photos that show how you feel when you're heliskiing.  The ear-to-ear smiles that show the kinds of people and the kind of fun you encounter during a week of CMH heliskiing.  If you're new to all this, here's a glimpse into the faces, experiences, and emotions of heliskiing with CMH:  

Father and daughter in the trees at CMH Gothics: father and daughter heliskiing








Newlyweds near Sir Sanford at CMH Adamants: Sir Sanford, Adamants








Three generations skiing together at CMH Bugaboos:3 generations, bugaboos









Sitting up after a faceplant at CMH Bobbie Burns:faceplant, Bobbie Burns












Grinning through a choker face shot in CMH Cariboos:faceshot, cariboos, guide








A first-time heliskier at CMH Bobbie Burns:first time heliskier, bobbie burns










The 212 pilot at CMH Gothics: 212, heliski, pilot










A powder fiend taking a break at CMH Revelstoke:powder skier, revelstoke










After a stellar staff ski run at CMH Gothics: CMH Staff, heliskiing









A teenage heliskier getting comfy in the deep snow of CMH Gothics:teenage heliskier






The adrenaline moment as the ski lift approaches at CMH Bugaboos:heliski pickup, helicopter








With old man winter already piling up snow in the mountains, the endless grins of heliski season are just around the corner. Can’t wait to ski and just want to talk about it?  Call (800) 661-0252 or

Wonder which flavor is best for you?  Check out the world's widest variety of heliski options to fuel your smile: from private helisking, to family trips, to heli-assisted ski touring, to steep weeks, and more.

Redlining the fun-o-meter photos by Topher Donahue


I had a chance to bring a friend up to the AD for a few turns in between his chemo treatments - I wanted to bring a smile to his face for a few days. Every time he fell - and it was often - he'd get up and say his teeth hurt. Why? I asked. Because he was smiling so much that he always got a mouthful of the cold fluffly stuff when he fell. Great memories courtesy of CMH Heli-skiing!
Posted @ Wednesday, November 03, 2010 11:07 AM by Becky
Great pics! They show the full range of smiles - love it! :)
Posted @ Wednesday, November 03, 2010 11:12 AM by CdnJake
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