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Introducing the 2011 Lodge Management Teams

Posted by Jason Semenek on Dec 15, 2010 5:02:00 PM

By Lianne Marquis

CMH Lodge Staff - A big, happy family!Here at CMH Heli-Skiing, Lodge Managers (LM) and Assistant Lodge Managers (ALM) have been as busy as Santa's elves! They have been getting the lodges ready, hiring their staff, and attending meetings. All that on top of training in Banff and in the Monashees and the Gothics (with the chefs, pastry chefs, bartenders, and shop managers).

Does all this activity leave you wondering who's doing what? Here’s who you can find managing CMH's 11 heli-skiing lodges this season:

Adamants: Sherri and Craig will be leading the AD once again this season! Sherri was busy with a number of lodge projects during their off season: updating the relaxation room, painting the dining room and living area, organizing and redecorating the lodge. You can find Craig in the kitchen during his non managing weeks, as the kitchen assistant working closely with the Chefs.

Bobbie Burns: Juerg has recently stepped into the role as Lodge Manager in the Bobbie Burns. Jeurg made the move from the Gothics shop, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry! The BB's is excited to have Cherie back for another season as the assistant. Cherie has been attending the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Calgary.

Sarah Watts - Bugaboos Lodge ManagerBugaboos: Sarah and Kara can be found in the BU once again this year! They had a busy summer with the CMH Summer Adventures program! Since then they have been busy upgrading the spa area, purchasing new linens, upholstering couches, replacing dinner linen supplies and getting new lampshades for the guest rooms. Between all that, Kara has been fly fishing like a mad women and Sarah has been traveling around and enjoying some downtime at home.

Cariboos: Erin and Tara will be leading the team in the CA this winter. Erin worked on a number off season projects this year: purchasing new duvet covers, upgrading and refreshing the public washrooms and giving their spa area a make over! Tara kept herself busy with being a crew leader for a fire fighting crew. Erin is excited to have Tara on board; she has been working in the lodge for the past few years, and is keen to take on the challenges of the ALM position!

Galena: Carrie and her assistant Katrina will be the GL leadership team!!! It was an easy transition for Carrie to move into the LM role, and she brings a strong background in customer service having managed a restaurant in Revelstoke for over 3 years. Katrina is stepping into the role of ALM after working for the past 2 seasons as relief bartender & guest services. Katrina has a strong background in F&B and is one mean softball player!!!

Gothics: Kristy and Catherine will be leading the GO team once again this year! Kristy spent the summer working on a few projects at the lodge: new paint, blinds and carpet in the dinning area, and new concrete counter top at the coffee station. Catherine spent the summer in Revelstoke, managing and serving at the Woolsley Cafe. On Catherine's non-managing week, you can find her behind the bar, which is a new CMH position for Catherine!!!

Kuskanux: Cheryl and Maureen were busy as ever this summer working on a few projects: The Kuskanux has a newly renovated wine store (the money maker of CMH!!!!): they made the shop smaller & expanded the wine store! They purchased some new mattresses in the main building (ah! a good night sleep!) and had a busy summer. Everyone is getting geared up for the ski season, with many of their returning staff.

McBride: Deborah and her new assistant Brenda will be leading the way in McBride this year. Deborah had a "crazy-busy" summer painting in the Bow Valley and is now taking some pre-season time off in kite boarding and surfing in South America! Brenda is new to the team. She lives in the Bow Valley and is excited to be part of the McBride team!

Andrea Lustenberger - Monashee Lodge ManagerMonashees: Andrea and Laurel are the new team in the MO this season! They had a busy spring, summer and fall at the lodge accommodating a number of Hydro employees, with specialty groups popping up here and there. If Andrea is not in the lodge, you can find her outside running and running and still running. Laurel, well if she's not at the lodge, she's kite boarding in the Gorge, Maui or where ever she can find wind!

Revelstoke: Steve and Todd are excited to have an extra set of hands to help them out with many of the logistical items in Revy this season. Erin (formerly of the Reservations Department in Banff) is now working with the Revelstoke team for the season!!!

Valemount: Pamela and Caitlin are the new LM team in VA this year! They are excited to get their season underway with some new staff and many new ideas. Pamela spent 4 weeks in NYC this summer... a little shopping perhaps?! Caitlin has been working part time over the last 2 years at the lodge and spends her summers working for Rocky Mountaineer in Kamloops as Station Manager.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this heli-ski season? Want to say "hello"?
Use the comments area below to share your holiday greetings to the lodges.

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