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The Best Skiing Pictures of January 2011 at CMH

Posted by Jane Carswell on Feb 2, 2011 11:55:00 AM

Ahhhh, January.  It was another awesome month of great heli-skiing at all the CMH areas.  Mother Nature was kind to us bringing lots of snow (sometimes too much snow) which made for happy skiers. At the Monashees we presented our first-ever award for 20 million vertical feet skied!  The same guest hit 21 million vertical feet on January 31! So, two records set in one month - the skiing must be good!

To give you a taste of what the month was like, here are our top 5 skiing pictures from January 2011.

One Million Vertical FeetIt has been a long-standing tradition at CMH that when heliskiers reach one million vertical feet of skiing we throw a big party.  In this photo taken at CMH Cariboos a skier is just about to reach that milestone.  Back at the lodge she was presented with her CMH Million Foot Suit and champagne.

Revelstoke January 2011Just another day of spectacular heli-skiing in Revelstoke.

Monashee SmilesIn the Monashees our heliskiers had big smiles as they tore up fresh powder for countless days in a row.

CMH Monashees Pastry Chef on the jobCan you spot the CMH pastry chef hard at work?  Yes, even CMH employees get to enjoy the awesome skiing!

Bugaboos 60 cm%27s of fresh on GrumpyOn this day at CMH Bugaboos, our poor guests had to fight their way through 60 cms of freshly fallen snow. There were many hero stories around the bar that week.

And you?  Where did you make your best turns of January 2011?  Share your stories and links to your skiing pictures here in the comments section. 

To see more great skiing pictures from January 2011 at CMH, visit our online photo gallery.

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