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Interactive CMH vs Ski Resort Terrain Comparison

Posted by Topher Donahue on Feb 28, 2011 7:11:00 AM

It’s nearly impossible to compare skiing in a resort to heli-skiing with CMHSki Guide Kitt Redhead perhaps said it best: “It’s like swimming in a lake your whole life and then seeing the ocean.”

kootenay heliski terrain

The other day on Skiing Interactive I came across a brilliantly done interactive terrain comparison between CMH Heli-Skiing and 20 other North American ski resorts.  The point is to compare terrain and snowfall among the 20 resorts, but it is the comparison to CMH (shown in the screenshot here) that is mindblowing:  

cmh comparison
The article notes that the resort number reflects skiable acreage, and the CMH number reflects total acreage.  In some CMH areas, like the Adamants, there are hanging glaciers, kilometre-tall cliffs, and other unskiable features; but in other CMH areas, like Kootenay, nearly every acre of the tenure is delightfully skiable.

The difference between the resorts and CMH is so great that it required an interactive Flash element to graphically illustrate the two.  On the Skiing Interactive site, when you click on the CMH Heli-Skiing comparison, the 20 resorts are clumped together in a tiny dot representing their combined 52,281 acres, while the 3,895,616 acres of CMH Heli-Skiing terrain is represented by most of the rest of your browser window. 

I did the math – that’s 75 times more acreage at CMH than the other resorts combined - and the list includes the renowned ski giants of Whistler and Vail. 

The article conclusion is the best part: “…the latent point is that you should put a heli trip on your bucket list.  Now shut off your computer and go skiing.”

CMH Kootenay terrain and awed shadow photo by Topher Donahue.

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