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5 Best Heli-Skiing Pictures of February 2011

Posted by Jane Carswell on Mar 2, 2011 5:04:00 PM

The snow just keeps on coming. February 2012 was an epic month here at CMH Heli-Skiing and the smiles on the faces of our guests and guides are bigger than we've seen in a few years!

Although Kevin Christakos spoke to the exceptional snow quality at CMH in his interview with Topher Donahue last week, here are some stats to put it into perspective:

  • CMH Bugaboos reported 147 cms of new snow between February 13-19.  Although it seemed like a never-ending snowstorm out there, some guests managed to ski over 47,000 metres that week.
  • Our guests averaged 6700 metres/ day in Feb 2011 vs 5900 metres/day in Feb 2010.

It was a great month for skiing pictures, too.  Here are our top five (plus 1) for the month:

1. This February we had over 65 die-hard heli-skiers reach a Million Foot milestone.  This shot, taken at CMH Bobbie Burns, shows a guest hitting that coveted milestone.

Skiing Pictures from CMH Heli Skiing Another Million Foot Suit

2.The CMH Nomads were busy wandering through the Selkirk and Monashee mountains in February.  Imagine, all this terrain for you and three friends...

Skiing Pictures from CMH Heli Skiing CMH Nomads

3. On a rare blue-sky day in early February, the guests in the Bugaboos ripped up as much of the fresh new snow as they could find.  Life was good whether you chose to ski or ride.

Skiing Pictures from CMH Heli-Skiing Snowboarding in the Bugaboos

4.CMH Heli-Skiing guide Mike Welsh took advantage of the great skiing and lighting conditions to capture this image of a young guest racking up the vertical in Galena.

Skiing Pictures from CMH Heli Skiing in Galena

5. It was a collection of skiing pictures like this one that encouraged many to book a last-minute heli-skiing trip with CMH this month.  Weather predictions for March indicate much of the same to be had this month!

Skiing Pictures from CMH Heli Skiing waist deep in Revelstoke

One Bonus Pic:  This is pretty typical of the skiing we enjoyed this month.  Hope we'll see you out there in March!Skiing pictures with CMH Heli Skiing More Snow in Revelstoke

If you haven't booked your heli-ski trip for 2011 yet, try calling CMH Reservations at 1.800.661.0252 and see if we can fit you in.  There are still spaces left for late season skiing and the odd space for March. 

Photos: Compliments of the CMH Guides from the Best of February online photo gallery.

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