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Small Group Heli-Skiing at CMH Adamant & Monashee Lodges


You may have heard the rumour. We're sweetening our 2012 offerings here at CMH Heli-Skiing. This post is one in a series of five over the next few days announcing some changes to the trips that we'll be offering in 2012.

First up: More Small-Group Heli-Skiing options for you to choose from.

ADAMANT LODGE  Just you and a few close, personal friends.

Small Group Heli-Skiing at CMH Adamants by Craig McGeeIt's been over 20 years since we hosted our first small-group heli-skiing program at CMH Valemount. Back then it was viewed as supreme luxury. This was the heli-skier's version of tooling around in a chauffeur-driven limousine. Our small-group trips have continued to grow in popularity, and nowadays you can enjoy them at Valemount, McBride, Monashees, Revelstoke and via the Nomads multi-area program.

But it's getting better!

We're delighted to announce the first CMH area devoted exclusively to small-group, small-helicopter skiing. For the entire 2011-12 season, CMH Adamant Lodge will be small group, powder paradise. We'll use two Bell 407s, each will handle three groups of five skiers plus your guide. The nimble little 407 offers supreme flexibility, and can easily handle the pace of the hardest-charging heli-skiers and heli-boarders. Meanwhile, if you don't have four friends who are as powder hungry as you, no sweat.  Join soon-to-be best buddies as a single or couple.  With two helicopters, six groups and six guides, Konrad and the other heliskiing guides at the Adamants will be able to offer a terrific range of terrain choices and group types – enough to suit any Heli-Skier on the planet!

2012 Trips = 2010 prices! Believe it or not, 2012 Adamant small-group parties will pay the same high-season pricing as 2010 — enjoy private nirvana starting at $8750 for 7 days!


MONASHEE LODGE Late season means more room to move and smaller groups, too!

Small group heli skiing at CMH Monashees by Fred HuserThose of you serious about powder skiing already know about the legendary reputation of CMH Monashees. It is, quite simply, the planet's finest location for skiing steep, 1500 vertical-metre runs in bottomless snow, through towering trees.

At the Monashees we typically offer our Signature Heli-Skiing model: four groups per Bell 212. And that works fine when the bulk of our skiing is very close to the lodge, allowing for an average of well over 46,000 metres of skiing per week for each guest. But as the season progresses and the days get longer, we are able to wander the vast tenure, skiing superb drainages that are further from the lodge. Therefore, to make the skiing program work at maximum effectiveness and flexibility, as of February 18, 2012, we will reduce regular groups to 33 skiers and add two groups of five skiers/ riders for small-group skiing in a Bell 407. The net result: you ski big days on big slopes.

Prices start at $10,990 per person for small group skiing and $7820 in the regular groups.

Curious? To learn more, contact the Heli-Skiing Experts at CMH Reservations: 1.800.661.0252. Once word gets out, spaces won't last long.

And don't forget: Book your 2012 Heli-Skiing space by April 30 to qualify for CMH Heli-Skiing's Early Booking Incentive

Photos: Small Group Heli-Skiing in the Adamants by Craig McGee / Heli-Skiing in the Monashees by Fred Huser.


do you have a scholarship program? 
I have been dreaming in WHITE!
Posted @ Friday, March 18, 2011 9:34 PM by Maddie LeCoq
Questions: Here is a what if. 
Let us say that a group of 5 has one wimp (probably a wife) in the group of 5 and she is getting tired after 5 runs. Can she stay in the chopper for a run and rest? Can she choose to sit out at the bottom and rejoin the group on the next run? Can she get a lift back to the lodge (a) immediately or (b) only at refuel time. 
What will be the approximate refuel time in regard to the number of runs? This year in the Adamants, it was every 2 to 4 runs but does the smaller machine refuel more or less often? 
Dats it 4 now. Thanks, Don Guild
Posted @ Wednesday, March 23, 2011 9:55 AM by Don Guild
Hi Don,  
Firstly, I hope you don't mean to call anyone's wife a winp... especially yours :) But great question! 
For the answer I contacted the Adamants lodge and spoke to Assistant manager Carl Trescher, and according to Carl the smaller 407 helicopter doesn't refuel any more or less often than the larger 212. On average, they refuel every 5 runs or so, same as the 212.  
So the chances to go back to the lodge when the heli refuels is the same with the Small Group program as it was with our Signature program.  
As with most of our other ski trips, with the helicopters servicing more than 1 group of skiers, to stay in the heli to sit out a run is unfortunately not an option as we'll need all the seats for the next group.  
I hope this answers your question Don! And I hope you're looking forward to your 2012 Adamnts Small Group trip!
Posted @ Wednesday, March 23, 2011 12:14 PM by Bceky CMH Reservations
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