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The CMH Shop Tech: Pimpin' Your Ride

Posted by Topher Donahue on Mar 28, 2011 8:42:00 AM

One of the amazing things about the CMH Heliskiing experience is that you can show up at the airport with your ski or snowboard boots, and CMH takes care of all the other snow riding details. 

Temperature changes making your skis too slow?  Get an overnight wax job.  Want to move your snowboard binding position for riding in the deepest snow?  Just drop them off at the shop.  It will all be better in the morning. 

To get a perspective on how the CMH shop techs contribute to the CMH heliskiing experience I talked with Kim Shaw, a 24-year-old ripper from Rossland, British Columbia, and shop tech in the CMH Cariboos:

cariboos heliski shop 
TD: How does being a shop tech influence the skier's heliskiing experience?

KS: I meet them the minute they walk in the door, figure out their needs for skis and snowboards or just find the right jacket or layering piece. If any of their gear is not working for them, I try my best to problem solve and make the best out of what we have available. Having product knowledge first hand on what equipment you should be using for the type of conditions at the time helps a great deal.

TD: How are the different ski shapes changing your job?

KS: With the variety of skis we carry this year, from the Rossi S7's , K2 Darkside and Pontoons people sure are trying everything! It is good for us to get positive and negative feedback on what ski really works, and what doesn't. We can take this information and try to provide the best ski for the conditions.  

TD: What do you do for skiers to maximize their heliskiing experience?

KS: Anything that I can! Knowing what ski works well with the conditions at the moment will help the skier with making the decision of what to ski on. With different options a skier can go from a K2 Coomback with rocker in the tip, to a Rossi S7 with rocker in tip and tail. This year the new selection of skis gives people more options.  If a ski is not working out, they can try another.  

TD:  Sounds like the ultimate powder demo program.  What do you do for snowboarders to maximize their heli snowboarding experience?  

KS: What goes for skiers, goes for snowboarders! Knowing the depth of snow, conditions, and what to ride on helps them make choices. Working closely with the rider to find the perfect stance to help them feel comfortable riding in any situation is huge. We are currently looking at some different options for snowboarders and it looks like next year we will have something new and exciting out in the field!

TD: What is the standard level of training for a CMH shop tech?

KS: Most people have experience in the ski industry prior to CMH. Some have a working or racing background, and we all love the mountains! We have meetings at the beginning of the season and talk about what new products we are bringing into the CMH world.

TD: Anything else you'd like to add?

KS: CMH is an amazing place to play and work!

Curious about what else is included in a CMH heliski trip?  

Photo of Kim Shaw and the fruits of her labours in the CMH Cariboos by Topher Donahue.

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