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5 Phat Skiing Photos - The Face Shot

Posted by Topher Donahue on Apr 15, 2011 8:16:00 AM

After John Entwistle’s heartbreaker April Fools joke - where he lured us in with promises of the “Best Heliski Photos. Ever.” and then left us with perhaps the least inspiring collection of skiing pictures ever published - I had to balance things out and put together these five face shots from the winter of 2010/2011 in honor of just how sweet it really is riding deep powder with CMH Heliskiing.

In the process of making these five ski photos I lost and cracked lenses, filled my camera with snow a hundred times, and took a thousand lousy pictures - but I'm not complaining. 

blower faceshot gothicsBlower Equals: 10 weeks of almost non-stop snow, and then a bluebird day in CMH Gothics.

faceshot eyes cariboosPowder Eyes: After a hundred faceshots at  -20C, this is what a smile looks like.

snowboard faceshot gothicsThe Ghost Grab: The kind of helicopter snowboarding where the difference between a face shot on the ground and a face shot in the air is immaterial.

ghost faceshot cariboosThe Ghost Pole Plant: The kind of powder skiing face shot where the pole plant becomes immaterial.

sexy faceshot cariboosThe Cariboos-Flavoured Face Shot: Does life get any better than this?

Any heliskiers or snowboarders out there have a good story to share about the powder manna of the 2010/2011 CMH Ski Season?  About how many face shots you got in a row?  About how deep it really was?

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