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CMH Galena: The 2011 Heli-Ski Season in Pictures

Posted by Jane Carswell on Apr 13, 2011 1:16:00 PM

by Michael Welch, Area Manager, CMH Galena

When asked me to pick my 5 favorite images for the CMH Heli-Skiing 2010/11 season in Galena I knew it would be a difficult task. Not only was this winter incredible in terms of skiing but it also provided some excellent photographic opportunities. So here are my top 5 images, the reason I like the shots and the story they tell.

1- This is taken on our first day in the field for the new season.  When we got out for our first run of the year it became apparent that we were in for some darn good skiing. This picture was taken on the second run of the year. It didn’t take Lars long to remember how to ski and play in the Galena terrain.

Heli-Skiing at Galena in December 2010

2- Our first Heli-Ski guests arrived on Dec. 6th, and it started to snow on the 8th. It dumped for the next 10 days and we were treated to that epic early season powder that Galena is famous for. I love skiing in the early season; dark, cold, short days with blower snow are my favorites and this picture conveys that feeling for me.

Heli-Skiing in Galena January 2011

3- By the middle of January a pattern of heavy snowfall and cold temperatures had settled over the interior of BC, a perfect recipe for face shots. I got this picture of CMH Heli-Skiing guide Bernie Wiatzka playing in the pillows of the Galena classic “Mega Bubba”.

Heli-Skiing with CMH at Galena Lodge

4- The way this winter worked was we would get 3-4 clear days every few weeks, -20 was quite common. It made for some great skiing and let us get out to some of our favorite places. Lake Ave. is one of those places. On the way out there we did our warm up run on Athena. I was the extra guide that day and was skiing with a group. I noticed some nice light by one of the moraines on the run and had the last guest ski down the sun shadow line. I was happy when I got home and downloaded this image.

Heli-Skiing at CMH Galena on Lake Ave.

5- In February my wife Heather and daughter Alexis came to visit. Alexis is 10 and although she had skied with me last year for a few days, this year she was really getting the hang of heli-skiing. It was one of the proudest moments of my guiding career to be out heliskiing with my kid. Being in these amazing places with your child is something that you cannot explain. I have seen it many times with our guests who ski with their children. And now I can completely relate.

Heli-Skiing at CMH Galena, Family Fun!

The winter of 2011 will be remembered as one of the best. I hope that we have many more like it.

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