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6 Stonking Ski Photos: Why Spring Heliskiing is More Fun

Posted by Topher Donahue on Apr 27, 2011 8:02:00 AM

Yeah, statistically there are more days of deep powder skiing in the middle of winter, but statistics don’t measure fun.  If you ask me, the most FUN time of the year to go heliskiing with CMH is in the spring.

Why is that?  Let my camera count the ways:

deep spring powder bugaboos
1. Surprise dumps from convective showers make the sweetest powder days.  Even at times when the storm cycles are not hitting the CMH areas, the convective showers that are caused by daytime heating pumping moisture into the atmosphere will frequently dump 20 to 50 cm of snow.  The above shot shows what convective showers can do for snowboarding with CMH in April.

party bugaboos spring skiing

2. Lunchtime in the spring is pure PLEASURE.  In the middle of winter, lunchtime is about seeing how well you can eat a sandwich with your gloves on, and finding that delicate balance of drinking enough hot tea to keep your toes warm without spending the afternoon relieving yourself in the woods on every run.  In the springtime, lunches with CMH are casual affairs with amazing people in the most spectacular places.  

powder gothics spring

3. The light on the snow.  Of course for some skiers, heliskiing with CMH is all about tree skiing in the darkest, deepest forests in Western Canada.  And while such tree skiing is indeed epic, the light in the alpine in the springtime is a phenomenon to behold.  These north facing moraines in the above photo see no sun until late March, when they light up with an almost inner glow.  Add 50 cm of convective fluff to the equation and the experience is incomparable.

spring heli snowboarding bugaboos

4.  Speed.  Yup, you can ride faster in the spring.  Friendly snow, big alpine features, and generous runouts allow skiers and snowboarders to pull out all the stops.  While the winter snow can give the sensation of speed, it doesn’t hold a candle to high speed riding in the springtime when you can open the throttle all the way and rip past some of the most scenic mountain terrain on the planet.

boobie burns spring views heliskiing
5. You can ride ALL of our terrain.  In the winter, you are often limited to the trees, while in the spring you can frequently ski from the summits, down the big alpine, and finish the run with a long tree shot to the valley bottom.

smiles apres ski bugaboos

6. Aprés ski looks better in the spring.  In the winter, you enjoy the aprés ski wearing your long underwear in front of the fireplace.  In the spring, you can roll up your short sleeves and step outside.  The generous decks around the CMH lodges transform from chilly places where only the smokers hang out, to the most scenic, friendly, and intimate après ski venue the ski world has to offer.

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