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Best Heli-Skiing Pictures of April, 2011

Posted by Jane Carswell on May 2, 2011 11:06:00 AM

Exceptional. Epic. Dreamy. Phenomenal. Stonking. Brilliant. Wow. Phat. And in the words of Dave Cochrane, "Dynoooomite."

We heard a lot of adjectives used to describe the 2010/2011 Heli-Ski season here at CMH and saw a lot of amazing ski pictures to prove it.

The season wrapped up for us here at CMH on Saturday, April 30 (which, coincidentally was the last day to take advantage of the 2011/2012 booking incentive and the phone was ringing off the hook here in Banff!) but not for lack of spectacular skiing!  Our guests in the Bugaboos last week had another typically fantastic week of spring skiing.

Here's our top 5 skiing pictures from the month of April at CMH Heli-Skiing:

1)We saw smiles like this from December to April from McBride to Kootenay and this day in early April in McBride was no different!Heli Skiing Pictures from McBride, Big Smiles all season

2) Steve Chambers and the team at CMH Revelstoke were almost speechless in early April.  This was April 8, the last day of their season and Steve said that he had never skied snow like that in April before in his life!Heli Skiing pictures from Revelstoke   I%27ve never skied snow like this in April

3) Ok, so just how epic was it?  460 cm in the Crystalline at CMH Bobbie Burns as of April 14.Heli Skiing Pictures from the Bobbie Burns, 460 cms in the Crystalline

4) Second last day of the season at CMH Bugaboos. Spring skiing anyone?

Heli Skiing Pictures from the Bugaboos, Air Time Apr 28

5)  This is what it all resulted in: Face Shots on April 28, CMH Bugaboos.Heli Skiing Pictures from the Bugaboos, Face shots to the end Apr 28

And you?  What was the highlight of your month?  Tell us here in the comments, or post a photo of it on the CMH Facebook page.

Want to see more pics of the 2011 season from CMH?  Check out CMH's online photo gallery and be sure to bookmark it for next year!

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