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CMH Gothics win Community Stewardship Award

Posted by Jane Carswell on Jul 19, 2011 7:54:00 AM

We have a bold vision for sustainability at CMH Heli-Skiing and Summer Adventures: To be the leading sustainable tourism operator in North America.  To strive toward a goal such as this one, we couldn't just write it down and forget about it.  It requires buy-in from each and every member of the team.

Each year our Second Nature Committee recognizes a staff member or team who exemplifies the spirit of CMH in their community through leadership and participation in a local project or volunteer organization.  In 2011 the committee recognized a team which linked something they had to offer, to something that their local community really needed. 

Second Nature at CMH   Gothics Lodge Team and the Revelstoke Food BankDave Butler, CMH's Director of Sustainability announced the award at our recent general staff meeting. "For the past 6 years the team at CMH Gothics Lodge has been helping out the Revelstoke Community Food Bank.  And not just with quantities of food at the end of ski season, or after fire fighting or construction projects, but they also donated and delivered 60 bed mattresses to families in need when they upgraded their guest rooms 3 years ago."

"More recently," Butler continued, "they instituted a Food Share program at the lodge where extra food from the kitchen has gone to people in need in their community.  After every meal, staff package un-touched, left-over food in small portions, put in the freezer, take it to town on the weekend, and by Friday morning of the next week, it is being distributed to people in the community who really need it.  Their submission was accompanied by a letter from the Food Bank, which was glowing in its praise of the lodge team."

Dave says "The project started small...the first 2 weeks of the program they had only 2 milk crates (of food) per week.  But through insistence and persistance, they had been delivering at least 4 to 5 milk crates per week for 15 weeks by the end of the season!"

As for the Food Bank, the following excerpts from the letter of support from Patti Larson, Outreach Service Manager from the Community Connections Food Bank say it all:

"I have had the absolute pleasure of creating a wonderful partnership with Claude Duchesne and his staff after they approached me last year with concerns about the amount of excess leftover food from their lodge and how it could best be utilized in our community"

"This food recovery program has been supported by the energy of the staff of the CMH Gothics whose time and goodwill help to get donated food onto the tables of the people who need it the most. This partnership has helped to establish a gateway for continuous food donations and helps to support our families and seniors who go hungry in our community."

"These donations are another valuable resource for our food bank and we are so appreciative of the time, effort and dedication of these remarkable people. I wholeheartedly support CMH Gothics Lodge in their application for the 2011 Second Nature Awards."

Dave Butler suggests that this project exemplifies what CMH's approach to Second Nature is really about.  "What I find so inspiring about this," he says, "is that our Gothics staff team did this not because anyone told them to do it, but because they care about their community, saw a need and took action to meet that need."

Learn more about about CMH's commitment to sustainability and past winners of the Community Stewardship and Environmental Initiative awards.

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