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The Best Ski Movies Ever?

Posted by John Entwistle on Jul 20, 2011 9:52:00 AM

With 2010/2011 being one of the most epic ski seasons in decades, we can only imagine that the movies produced over the course of the winter will be some of the best we have ever seen. Although winter has still not left many parts of the world, ski season has come to a close. And what better way to get excited for next season than to take a look at the lineup of ski trailers from this past season. Of course we won't know until the fall when the movies are released if they are in fact the best we have ever seen, but these trailers certainly lead me to believe we are in for something special!

Warren Miller: Like there’s no tomorrow

We had the boys from Warren Miller Entertainment out at the Monashee Lodge in March of 2011 to film one of the most epic film segments we have ever witnessed at CMH. Lots of great footage from all around the world is sure to keep this movie unreal!

MSP: Attack of la Nina

"We've got too much snow"- I think the first line sums it up... Big lines, big park scenes, big snow. This movie is all about BIG and pushing the sport. Footage from all over North America that gets me stoked to ski every time.


Level 1 Productions: After Dark

Who knew you could get fresh tracks bumper-deep in your car!? The lights are turned off for the first bit- and I like it! Nothing like some unique shredding in the dark. Although it has a feeling of a bad dream, I would be stoked if this were my dream!


Poor Boyz Productions: The Grand Bizarre

Simon Dumont wins the award for most creative thing I have ever seen on skis. Taking out chunks of a half pipe to create the most unique looking feature something few skiers could pull off... Oh, and then there is the rest of the movie... Huge airs, big bails, and lots of stuff that makes you go: Huh? Did that just happen?

Teton Gravity Research: One for the Road

From the base of Jackson Hole ski resort in Wyoming comes a phenomenal big mountain showcase. This trailer has a major epic feel to it, and rightly so! The lines in this movie are so big it kind of makes you wonder what they left for next year...


Toy Solider Productions- Set Your Sights

I have NEVER been an advocate for skiing park after any fresh snow fall, but these guys are almost good enough to pull it off... Almost. Don't worry though, they do get out on the real mountain to play around in the deep stuff. Some very impressive filming in this one.

Well, those are a sampling of upcoming movies that will depict the 2010/2011 winter. With the epic winter we had here at CMH we can only imagine the footage will be inspiring. And who knows what the full length features will bring us! Are you stoked? Have another trailer you think we missed? Let us know!

Let's ride!

MO filming resized 600

Photo: Warren Miller Entertainment filming Andy Mahre in some deep Monashee Pow! By: Fred Huser


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