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Get Fit for Your Heli-Ski Trip NOW!

Posted by Jane Carswell on Aug 1, 2011 7:35:00 AM

This is a guest post by Becca Blay

Fit Tips   Get fit for heli skiingDreaming of Powder?  It's time to start building your ski fitness so you can Heli-Ski like this and not end up back in the hot tub after lunch!

Why wait until the snow flies?  There is no better way to get excited about skiing than to start getting “ski fit.” 

What exactly is being “ski fit” anyway?  How do you go about putting a program into place?

It’s simple.  After multiple days of heli-skiing, you want to walk away feeling refreshed, not fatigued.  The best way to prepare for your season is to start now.  If you ease into it, you can build specific core, legs and upper body fitness without the soreness that creeps into your muscles when you are “craming” in your workouts.

Start now.  First, book your trip so that you have a goal to work towards.  This workout is not gender specific.

August 1-Sept 1:  
    3 days/week: 3 sets of 20 crunches
             2 sets of 10 push ups
             2 sets of 25 walking lunges, no weights
    2 days/week: 45 min of cardio, preferably cycling

Sept 1-Oct 1:
    3 days/week: 3 sets of 30 crunches
            2 sets of 15 push ups
            2 sets of 30 walking lunges, holding 8 lbs weights
    2 days/week: 45 min of cardio, cycling and uphill hiking/steady pace
    1 day/week: of 45 min weight workout at the gym, full body, light
            weight, high repetitions.

Oct 1-Dec 1:
    3 days/week: 3 sets of 35 crunches
             2 sets of 20 push ups
    2 days/week: 1 hour of cardio, spin class, uphill hike/hard pace
    2 days/week: 1 hour weight workout, higher weights, less reps to
    build power.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.  Drop me an email at  Enjoy!

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