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#SkiFotos on Twitter: A Photo Forum for those Passionate about Skiing

Posted by Jane Carswell on Sep 12, 2011 8:52:00 AM

C’mon, skiers and riders, we know you've got some rad pics from last season or even last weekend, from the resort, the backcountry or even on the grass/sand/water.  We want to see them!  And so do a lot of other people.

Introducing #SkiFotos on Twitter.  Following in the footsteps of those who created #FriFotos, CMH Heli-Skiing (@CMH_heli) has partnered with our friends at Banff Lake Louise Tourism (@Real_Banff and @Banff_Squirrel) to launch #SkiFotos: A forum for you, the skiing community to post and share your best/funniest/worst/ photos of your skiing and riding addiction.

SkiFotos, CMH Adamants by Craig McGee

How to get in on the action?

Every Monday, post your ski photos on twitter using the hashtag #SkiFotos.  Skiers and riders from Aspen to Verbier will be able to check out your pictures, like them and retweet them.

Didn’t take the photo yourself but have always drawn inspiration from it?  That’s cool.  Just be sure to credit the photographer who took it or the website where you found the photo.

Not a pro shooter yourself? Hey, don’t sweat it.  Whether you took the photo with your iPhone or your Daddy’s Nikon SLR, it still qualifies for #SkiFotos.  It’s all about sharing the passion for the powder.

See you on the slopes, and if we don’t meet there, let’s at least connect on Mondays, at #SkiFotos.

Today's #SkiFoto from CMH is from Heli-Ski Guide Craig McGee, Assistant Area Manager at CMH Adamant Lodge.

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