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Heli-Whatever: Only the Search Engine Cares

Posted by Topher Donahue on Sep 27, 2011 8:38:00 AM

Heliskiing. Helicopter-skiing. Heli-skiing. Heli-snowboarding. Helicopter snowboarding.  Heli-boarding.  I did a Google search for each of these words, and the result was different for each one.  Sure, there were a few of the same sites that popped up, but most of them were entirely different. 

It’s nobody’s fault, but the idiosyncrasies of the online search engine has made the differences between these different ways of saying the same thing seem greater than they really are.

helicopter skiing

Whatever you call deep snow nirvana, the commerce-based optimization of search engines changes everything.  A Google search of one of the above descriptives of our sport takes you to a bunch of YouTube clips,  another takes you to a list of ski guide services, and yet another takes you to definitions of the word itself.

Consider, by contrast, the real human conversations that happen around the 3-dimensional area-map tables in many of the CMH Lodges after a day of deep powder perfection:

“That was choker powder!”

I did a Google search for "choker powder" and was taken to a bunch of powder-pink necklaces. 

“How about those pillow drops!”

The Google search for "pillow drops" took me to a page of padded chairs, a couple of skiing video links, and a conference centre in South Africa. 

“I’ve never had so many face shots in my life!”

Entering "face shots" took me to mostly skiing links, but also a few portrait photography links and one site touting a game where you shoot people in the face.  Great.

"Sweet lines" gave me a list of pickup lines to try on chicks. I knew better than to search for "deep penetration".  "Big air" took me to an inflatable fun centre in Florida.

The wonderful thing is that while the descriptive of our game has changed, the lovely, fluffy, pristine, white world where we play hasn’t changed since Hans and Leo first took people skiing with a helicopter ski lift in1965.

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