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The Best Skis For The Best Skiing- 2011/2012

Posted by John Entwistle on Nov 9, 2011 3:10:00 PM

There is a saying in the ski world: "A skier without skis, is simply walking". Alright... I just made that up, but seriously! The most important piece of equipment for all skiers has to be the one thing that makes the sport what it is: skis. Here at CMH, we like to make sure that you have the best possible equipment for the job while navigating your first gladed run, getting your first face shot, hitting your first million foot milestone, or shralping the gnar with Dave Gauley out at the steep camps in the Cariboos.

Ski technology is coming pretty close to providing us with the perfect ski; the one that can do it all. But in reality, at CMH we don't care about ice, hard pack, or how perfect the ridges are in the corduroy (what happens between you and your après attire is none of our business!)... We only care about what will ultimately keep you somewhat afloat in the great sea of white. We are currently working with some engineers and ski designers from Atomic to create what is going to be deemed as "the ultimate heli-ski". Though details are limited as of right now, word from our  laboratory in a top secret location (The Monashees, 142Km North of Revelstoke in B.C., Canada) is that we can expect something by next year! For this year, we have a ROCKIN' lineup from K2 skis that gets us more excited than we've ever been before!

So you are excited about heli-skiing, you've booked your trip (or you better get on it!), and the snow is starting to fly. Here are some of the options you have to look forward to this winter:


K2 Coomback resized 600K2 COOMBAck  All-Terrain Rocker          135/102/121  Radius: 22m @ 174

Heli’s, cats, skinning or lifts, the Coomback  is equally versatile, balancing the lightweight attributes of a Back model with the confidence and performance characterized by many side models. This is the ski you’ll see a myriad of bindings on: alpine, tele, super light touring and more descent focused touring.

Performance: 50% Powder / 50% Variable                             

Sizes: 167, 174, 181cm                                   

Construction: Triaxial Braided, Cap, Fir/Aspen


SideStashK2 SideStash  All-Terrain Rocker           139/108/127  Radius: 25m @ 181

Whether tracking out your secret stash in bounds or heading out the backcountry gate to harvest week-old pow, the SideStash is the perfect ski. With a longer rise for 2011/12, the All-Terrain shovel rocker provides even more floatation and predictability to flash wide-open slopes and the nimbleness required to charge tight chutes. When the snow is all tracked out, the powerful metal-laminate construction delivers a smooth, damp, and stable ride as you confidently blast through leftover crud.

Performance: 70% Powder / 30% Variable                           

Sizes: 167, 174, 181, 188                                  

Construction: Metal TNC, Hybritech Sidewall, Aspen/Paulownia


pon2oonK2 Pon2oon  Powder Rocker                   157/132/122 @ 179cm   Radius: 30m @ 179

Designed with the same philosophy of slaying powder easier, faster and with less effort, the all-new 2011 / 2012 Pon2oon is rockered in the tip and tail and features a redesigned Powder tip and a non twin tip Progressive Powder tail. While the ski has similar pivot performance to it’s predecessor, it now comes with more predictable turn initiation and added breaking power in the tail. The dimensions on the Pon2oon increase as the ski gets longer in length, maxing out at a whopping 134mm underfoot in the 189cm size. Get out your snorkel!

Performance: 90% Powder / 10% Variable                           

Sizes: 159, 169, 179, 189                                        

Construction: Triaxial Braided, Cap, Fir/Aspen


Women’s specific skis:

k2 gotbackK2 GotBack  All-Terrain Rocker             135/102/121   Radius: 20m @ 167

If you thought big waists weren’t sexy, think again. The GotBack packs 102 mm under her belt and is proud of every millimeter. Though no longer the biggest gal in the neighborhood, the GotBack is clearly the most versatile. Lighter and more playful, she’s just as happy going for long walks in the backcountry as she is painting smooth arcs in an open bowl or dancing through tight trees . She says it’s due to her All-Terrain shovel rocker and Bioflex wood core, but I think she’s just being modest.

Performance: 50% Powder / 50% Variable                           

Sizes:  153, 160, 167                                                      

Construction: Triaxial Braided, Cap, Aspen/Paulownia/Bamboo - Bioflex 2

atomic centuryATOMIC  Century:  Powder Rocker          128.5/100/120.5 Radius: 18m @ 166cm

The Century is ATOMIC's premium powder ski for women and its extra Power Rocker 10 delivers an especially uplifting experience in powder snow. Its 100 mm waist width and Powder Rocker ensure optimum lift, while the Step Down 2L sidewall construction and tip-to-tail wood core cushion shocks and hard landings. But freeskiers can enjoy much more than just effortless powder forays: thanks to a pronounced camber in the binding area, the Century also delivers optimum edge grip and precision control on hard snow. The Century is ideal for female skiers looking for a ski which is both effortless and easy to manoeuver in powder snow.        

Sizes: 156, 166             






What's All This Rocker Talk About?

 All-Terrain Rocker : All-Terrain Rocker features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edge-hold in firmer conditions.
Simply put, All-Terrain Rocker offers versatility and ease in all snow conditions.

 Powder Rocker:  This tip has the most elevation and longest measurement of Rocker and offers skiers a “surfy” feel with enhanced soft-snow performance. The camber region still exists to ensure edge-hold on firmer conditions.                                                                                                                                  Simply put, Powder Rocker provides unmatched flotation in deep snow.



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