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CMH: The Journal of The World's Greatest Skiing.

Posted by Jane Carswell on Oct 28, 2011 9:15:00 AM

by Kevin Brooker

CMH: Journal of the World's Greatest SkiingSo much fun goes down in a CMH Heli-Skiing season. Recently we got to thinking, "Why don't we write some of this stuff down?" So we did. Behold, Volume I of a new publication devoted to our myriad adventures—one that's coming out, free of charge, in six different language versions. Consider it a yearbook of sorts, a colourful way to celebrate the season past and get revved up for the one to come. This year's edition, edited by Calgary-based ski journalist Kevin Brooker, is packed with words and images. Colorado's Topher Donahue, who wrote the history of CMH in the book Bugaboo Dreams: A Story of Skiers, Mountains and Helicopters, explains how European and Canadian guiding traditions—plus a decidedly international workforce—have contributed to CMH's unique culture. Vancouver journalist Steven Threndyle drops into a busy Monashees Week 13 to hang out with both the Warren Miller film crew and the K2 Skis product development squad, while Pemberton's Lisa Richardson explores the joys and challenges of Heli-Skiing from a female perspective. There are tales of history, gastronomy and technology, the story behind our beloved million-foot awards, plus a whole lot of smiling faces on both guests and employees as they pursue their passion throughout our 11 magnificent tenures.

            To order your own free copy—in your choice of English, German, French, Italian, Japanese or Spanish—simply shoot us your mailing address at with CMH Journal written in the subject line. Meanwhile, you too can play journalist. Got a question about why something is the way it is? Know someone worthy of a profile? We're all ears. Just drop your CMH Journal tip into an email at


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