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Why More Skiers Should Heli-Ski

Posted by Jane Carswell on Nov 21, 2011 11:40:00 AM

Why More Skiers Should Consider Heli Skiing by Mike WelchYou love skiing.  You live for the days you spend skiing at your local resort,  for ski vacations or for ripping up the backcountry with your friends every weekend.  Sitting at your office, or in your car dealing with traffic everyday, you find your mind drifting to your last ski day or that ski movie you watched recently. 

Face it.  You're dealing with an addiction

There is no cure. You simply need more skiing. But not just any skiing.  You need Heli-Skiing.  Get yourself deep into the heart of the Columbia Mountain Range for some Heli-Skiing in BC, Canada!

Think you can't handle it?  You're not alone.  Heli-Skiing has this mystical aura surrounding it and sadly many capable skiers discount the idea based on these myths.  So I've pulled together a few resources to help you see why more skiers should consider heliskiing:

Convinced that heliskiers only ski near-vertical terrain and huck themselves off cliffs?  Read What's the terrain like.

Concerned about safety?  Read The CMH Safety Net: A firsthand experience.

Concerned that you are not a good enough skier?  Read Are You a Good Enough Skier to Enjoy Heli-Skiing?

Are you a female skier intimidated by the thought that you'll be the only gal in the helicopter?  Read Ski Diva's Take Note: Chicks in the Chopper Filling Up and Heli-Skiing: Where Are the Women?

Overwhelmed by the myraid of Heli-Skiing options out there and not sure which would suit you best?  Read 15 Things to Consider Before Booking a Heli-Ski Trip.

Not sure where to go?  Alaska?  Chile?  Canada?  Read The World's Greatest Skiing Happens in Revelstoke, BC.

Still have questions? Don't be shy.  CMH's team of Heli-Ski experts can talk to you about the realities of heli-skiing and help you decide if you are ready to experience skiing nirvana.  Contact us at 1.800.661.0252 and subscribe to The Heli-Ski Blog for more information.

Photo of what Tyler Ceccanti describes as "The best ski runs I've ever had in my life" by Mike Welch.

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