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Best Way to Celebrate a Milestone? Private Heli-Skiing, of course!

Posted by Jane Carswell on Jan 26, 2012 11:44:00 AM

Why do we ski?  Sure, it's about the decent.  But it's also about who we share the days with.  While we may consider ourselves naturally born to try something as close to flying as humans can get without power, it's always a lot more fun to do it with folks we are close to.

Whether you've got nine buddies, three kids, four friends or a small gang you want to celebrate with, nothing says FUN! like private heli-skiing.  Just you, your friends and your guides deciding on how many runs, how fast to ski and even when and what to eat.  When nothing but the best will do, a custom-designed heli-ski trip is what you deserve.

At CMH Heli-Skiing we offer a myriad of options to do just that.  Here's a breakdown of how you can make your dreams reality:

Program:  Revelstoke or Monashee Private

Group Size: 4 skiers/riders & 2 guides

At the end of your ski days you share lodge life (or hotel life, in the case of Revelstoke) with the other heli-skiers, but each day the choice of timing and terrain are between you, your guides and your Bell 407 pilot. 

Limited availability for 2013.

Program: Nomads North

Group Size: 4 skiers/ riders & 2 guides

You'll toast your day with the other skiers at CMH Gothics lodge at night but by day you'll roam like the nomads you are through the Selkirk and Monashee Mountain ranges.  Your guides and Bell 407 pilot will choose the best lines to suit your group, given the days' snow and weather conditions with access to the vast areas of the Adamants, Monashees and Gothics terrain.  Your gateway for Nomads North is Kelowna where you will spend one night at the Grand Okanagan Resort before flying, by helicopter, to the Gothics Lodge (Sweet!).

Limited weeks available in 2012 & 2013.

Private Heli-Skiing - CMH Nomads SouthProgram: Nomads South

Group Size: 9 skiers/riders & 2 guides

If roaming is your thing then Nomads South has got that covered for you and 8 of your closest ski pals.  With access to Revelstoke, Bugaboo, Galena and Kootenay terrain for the duration of your stay you can definitely find the perfect lines to suit your group.

Your Nomads South home base is the plush Halcyon Hot Springs Village & Spa.  Take to the healing waters each night to prepare your legs to attack the snow each morning.

Your gateway for Nomads South is also Kelowna and your trip begins with a wonderful helicopter flight from Kelowna to the resort on the shores of Arrow Lakes between Revelstoke and Nakusp.

Space still remaining for 2012 & 2013.

Program: CMH McBride

Group Size: Up to 10 Skiers/ Riders & 2 guides

If your own helicopter and guides sound nice, but you want to have your own private lodge too, then Kevin Christakos and his team at McBride are ready for you.

CMH McBride is the home to CMH's largest tenure with 399,569 skiable acres.  For comparison, Vail has 5,289. (And by the way, McBride is limited to only 10 guests! How many at Vail?) This is an awesome playground full of long glacier runs and steep tree lines.  McBride's got it all for veterans and first-timers alike.

Having the lodge to yourselves allows you to dictate the schedule.  Breakfast at 9 and first flight at 10?  No problem.  Tenderloin and lobster for dinner with champagne and caviar to start?  Ask and you shall receive.

With easy access from the International Airport in Prince George, a scenic two-hour drive gets you to the lodge in time for transceiver training and tea goodie.

Space still remaining for 2012 & 2013.

Program: CMH Valemount

Group Size: Up to 10 Skiers/Riders & 2 guides.

When Hans Gmoser started into this business he began in the Bugaboos in the Southern Columbia Mountains of BC.  But the Cariboo Mountains was where he ventured next.

Valemount is the home of private group skiing!  It all began here in 1987 with the first private groups exploring an entire heli-ski area.  The word spread quickly and today, groups book Valemount for the ultimate private group experience year after year.  With an airstrip only a few kilometers up the road, CMH Valemount guests fly by private plane from Calgary and are warmly met by host and Area Manager Danny Stoffel and driven quickly to the lodge to be pampered by the attentive staff.

Skiers and Riders in Valemount have full access to both the Valemount and Cariboo areas with over 3000 square kilometres to play in.

As in McBride, the daily program is set by you and your guides.  The culinary team in the open kitchen will be thrilled to work with you to design the menu for your week. 

Two weeks available in the 2012 season! This is your chance!

Program: CMH Summer Adventures

Perhaps those you wish to share your milestone celebration with aren't quite as bullish about skiing as you are, but they have a craving for something special too.  During the summer months the Bobbie Burns and Bugaboo Lodges can accommodate groups for hiking, walking and High Flying Adventures beneath sunny blue skies, amid flower-filled meadows.

Regardless of whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas Holidays, a graduation, gathering of friends or a business deal, CMH can help you make your celebration fun, thrilling and memorable.

Give us a call, we'd love to help you plan your next mountain adventure!

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