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Heli-Ski Guides: On Both Sides of the Lens

Posted by John Entwistle on Feb 1, 2012 3:28:00 PM

Well, it is February 1st. So, if I post pictures only from January 2012, they are technically the best photos from the year... Right? Well, I will go with it anyways.

As I was going through out "best of" gallery for January, there were so many pictures that could have made a best of list! So, I decided to break it down into a category: Guide Photos. Now, everyone loves seeing a skier in a bright orange jacket blasting through blower pow, but you will notice that all but one of these pictures is missing that. Each of the following pictures was taken by one of our guides across 4 different heli-ski areas, with the Bugaboos getting the double shout out. Here they are, in no particular order.


CMH Bugaboos:

Photographer, Dani Lowenstein

Skier, Lianne Marquis

Few people know that Lianne is actually on telemark skis here. But honestly, after the snow January brought, I would believe it either way...

Lianne XL resized 600

CMH Revelstoke

Photographer: Jorg Wilz

Skier: Bell 212

The Selkirk Mountains near the Rogers Pass make for a nice back drop at the end of the day.

DSC1695 XL resized 600

CMH Galena

Photographer: Mike Welch

Skier: Patrik

Burnt forrest, fisheye lens, deep pow... Can it get any better?

DSC8333 L resized 600


CMH Bobbie Burns

Photographer: Carl Trescher

Skier: Marty Schaffer

Marty claims this is him... So we'll give him credit for taste testing the snow in the Bobbie Burns

Marty on Creamer Sm XL resized 600


CMH Bugaboos

Photographer: Andrew Wexler

Skier: Sepp Hochlahner

Sepp proves just how light and fluffy the snow is in the Bugaboos. He is also missing the top half of his tuque...

P1010436 L resized 600


Well, that is the end of the epic photo recap from January. Today is the first day of February, which means you have 29 days to be included in the next round! Send us an email to find out when you could be out there:

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