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Spring Break: Why Snowpants are better than Bikinis

Posted by Topher Donahue on Mar 6, 2012 7:47:00 AM

girl snowboard trees powderLounging on the beach for spring break is an institution; heli-skiing for spring break is an inspiration. 

The trouble with the beach holiday is that it sounds so good from home, but then you get there and there and it's surprisingly boring.  One year, during my family's quintessential beach spring break, my sister got so bored that she decided to write her boyfriend’s name on her bum with sunscreen every day.  It was all well and good until the toasted skin around the name began to peel - that, and the sunburn lasted longer than the boyfriend.

Then there are the pleasures of visiting the most popular spring break destinations during one of the most popular travel times of the year.  First there are the crowds, the over-the-top parties just outside your hotel window, the waiting lines at restaurants and the traffic - all compounded by your kids high expectations.  You know how it goes.  When you get home and you feel like you need a vacation.

Or you can take your family heliskiing and blow their expectations out of the galaxy.  Everyone expects you to come back from spring break with tan lines; nobody expects you and your family to show up Monday morning after spring break with ear-to-ear grins and that far away look in your eyes that says, “I just had the best family spring break of my entire life!”

With the growing popularity of parents heliskiing with their children, CMH Heli-Skiing has designed the Next Generation heliski program to fit the ski endurance of younger skiers - and the pocketbooks of their parents. 

The bottom line is that Next Generation Heli-Skiing trips are half price for the younger skiers.  The trip is open to any skier but if you have someone between the ages of 12-25 who wants to join you, they get the trip for half price, and that includes half the guaranteed vertical and the entire week's world-class CMH hospitality and accomodation.  

spring break heliski family

Over the next few weeks, CMH Lodges will be welcoming a number of families who have decided to skip the sandy toes and sunburned shoulders in favor of snowboards, powder skis, face shots and rosy cheeks.

And the big news: there are still a few spaces left on the in CMH Monashees March 10-17 and March 17-24 for this season, and next year as well if you’re already committed to the bikini option this time around.

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