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CMH Timeline: The Social Story of Heli-Skiing

Posted by John Entwistle on Mar 29, 2012 2:59:00 PM

The CMH Facebook page has always been a source for the newest CMH pictures, videos, stories, and updates. And now, it has received a massive face lift.


CMH Facebook Timeline


If you are a fan of CMH on Facebook, you may have noticed that we have switched over to the new "Timeline" format. From the top you will still get the same photos, videos, updates, snow reports, and fun stuff as always, but we have backfilled our timeline with many of the dates and stories that were key in the evolution of CMH. You can now go back and see events such as the first heli-ski trip in the Bugaboos- April 4, 1965. The opening if each lodge is highlighted by a section from Topher Donahue's "Bugaboo Dreams". You can see, and scroll through, all of the major dates to the right-hand side of the timeline- Right back to the beginning of CMH! Stay tuned as we will be adding more and more!


CMH Start Timeline


 Do you have any historical CMH photos or stories you would like to see on our timeline? Feel free to send them our way at

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