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The CMH Million Foot Suit: The Next Chapter


Over the years, the CMH million foot program has gone through many changes. The original dinner jackets turned out to be completely inefficient as ski wear and so the design later turned to one piece suits- the ultimate in snow protection. In recent years, we have transitioned to the traditional blue Arc’teryx Jacket with black pants which allows for sufficient ventilation of flatulant gasses, as well as increased versatility in the restroom.

Million Footers resized 600

For the 2013 season, we have decided to review our million foot suit program to take it to the next level. We are living in a digital era; everyone is now skiing with Gopro cameras, cellphones, boot heaters, hand heaters, gps goggles, and an array of other electronic devices. It would only make sense that our leading skiers would be wearing the leading styles in outerwear. 

During out brainstorming session for what the next generation million foot suit would be, we were shown this clip by one of our vendors:

At first, everyone was skeptical. But once we thought about it, and how much of a fantastic achievement skiing 1 million vertical feet really is, we decided to explore the options. As it turns out, the LED application can be applied to our existing Arc'teryx jackets, to provide the ultimate in mountain function and flash. The thin LED shell feels no different to the person wearing it, and adds that extra level of "look at me".

We will be setting up our drying rooms at the lodge with charging stations, so that every million footer can be sure to have a fully charged suit each morning. The expected battery life is around 11 hours. 

Marty Von Neudegg, is particularly excited about the new suits: “CMH is always on the leading edge of clothing technology for our environments.  With so much of our skiing done in the trees, we felt that this suit will give our million foot guests the visual edge they need to see and be seen.  And of course, in their home ski areas, everyone will know that they are a CMH Million Foot Skier…from three lifts away.  It will certainly inspire conversation about CMH and what it means to wear one of our new Million Foot suits.”

Using L.E.D. Technology, these suits are the latest in technology fashion accessories. They still use the same goretex pro-shell technology to keep you warm and dry. The thin, lightweight, LED outer layer will act as a heat source, keeping you extra warm on those cold days. The LED’s can be turned off to conserve power during times of high natural light (eg. daytime)

“We are extremely excited about the possibilities of the new suits, after dark is a time that we have never been able to explore the great mountains in our areas.”  This year, for the first time, CMH will be able to offer a week, exclusive to million footers with the new suits, where we will start skiing at 4pm, and ski well into the early morning hours. It will be the first exclusive night heli-skiing program offered. Because of the luminescence of our new suits, we will require no additional lighting. Each skier and boarder, lighting their own path down the mountain. We will of course have a specially lit guide’s suit, so that all of the night heli-skiers will have a reference to follow.

The first million foot night heli-ski trip will take place April 1, 2013, also known as april fools day 2013. What a big event for April 1! This year we will just stick with this article... which is a good enough april fools joke as is!


5-star April fools article! You had me hook, line, and sinker - visualizing people booking trips to get a million feet next season so they could get the new suit - then I thought about the pilot's role in night heliskiing!
Posted @ Sunday, April 01, 2012 9:56 AM by topher
Pretty adolescent and unprofessional blog post. Not what I expect from CMH.
Posted @ Wednesday, April 04, 2012 4:21 PM by xxx
Hello XXX, 
I am sorry that you did not find our April Fool's joke to be funny or tasteful. Unfortunately we cannot please everyone with each of our posts, though we do try our best! Our intention with this post was to have a laugh with many of our long time guests, and it has been well received. Again, sorry if we did not meet your expectations with this post. 
Posted @ Wednesday, April 04, 2012 4:35 PM by John Entwistle
I love a good April Fool's gag! The flatulant gasses and restroom talk was a good tipoff, but you continued in a very understated manner! Way to go!
Posted @ Sunday, April 08, 2012 11:05 PM by Doug Shu
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