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Body Break! More fit equals more fun on the slopes

Posted by Jane Carswell on Jun 4, 2012 7:50:00 AM

This is a guest post by Mark Prodan, Sales Coordinator, CMH Heli-Skiing

Excercises for skiersMake this coming winter your best ever on the board(s)! Staying active and doing a little extra now goes a long way to ensuring that when your CMH Heli-Skiing, boarding or touring trip approaches and the lifts open you’re well prepared to confidently and aggressively point the plank(s) down slope for the biggest grin and best turns of your life. 

It all starts with your legs

Your legs read, interpret and respond to every terrain change you’ll encounter.  Having strong legs is key to ripping big lines. There are lots of simple, inexpensive ways to build strong legs:

•Get Low! Squats and lunges are classic exercises that are on every personal trainers list of exercises because they work so well. 

•Start jumping! Find a couple solid objects at varying heights and leap on and off for a set number of reps or time limit.  A picnic table works well and so do stairs.  Mix it up by jumping with each leg individually then both or vice versa.  Get a skipping rope and do your jumping Rocky Balboa style which is also great for your cardio, core strength and coordination.

Everybody Falls Sometime

No one plans to crash or fall into a tree-well, but unfortunately we all bail sometime and the bulk of getting upright on your board(s) again is relying on your arm strength.

•Keep it simple! Pushups, curls, chin ups and dips are proven ways to isolate different arm, chest and back muscles.  These basic exercises can be done anywhere and take very little time so, the list of excuses is slim to none.

Breathe Deeply

Cardio is an obvious key to achieving full days of riding.

•Mix it up! Whether you prefer to run, bike, surf, hike or swim in the off season just stay active and keep your body in motion. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore training regime just get out there with your kids, pets or friends and have some fun. A combination of cardio exercises is ideal and any will positively contribute toward your body being equally energized for the first and last run of the day.

Commit Now

Being an expert snow boarder or skier isn’t a seasonal passion, continue building on last season’s efforts and start now. If you’re like me and all summer you’re looking forward to carving your signature all over the snowcapped mountains of BC, then it’s never too soon to start preparing for your next CMH ski vacation. Being stronger and fitter equals having more fun.  In order to carve the biggest lines and host the biggest smiles this coming winter you’ve got to live it all year round.

What do you do to maintain or improve your ski fitness throughout the off-season?  Share your tips here in the comments.

Photo of shredding big lines at CMH Galena by Michael Welch.