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Skis Huh... They Yours? Both of em?

Posted by John Entwistle on Jul 27, 2012 10:15:00 AM

Quite possibly the best line from any movie, EVER. If you haven't seen "Dumb and Dumber" it is a much watch... for the ski scenes mostly, but also the other silly antics. (You will have to turn the volume up to hear the clip)

My challenge to you: Next winter, when you pull up to the lift line at your favorite resort or the pickup at your favorite heli-ski area, turn to the person beside you (always better if they are a stranger) and just ask if both skis are in fact theirs...

You can also use this line do deflate any friend who is gloating about an awesome ski shot of themselves. Asking such a question will automatically put your cocky ski buddies in their place- or at least baffle them to the point where they will stop talking about themselves...

Here are a few samples from last season where you can clearly see the K2 Skis in some pretty awesome pictures! The best part? You know that the answer to "those your skis?" when skiing at CMH will most likely be "No" because we supply you with the very best tools for the job.


Cool picture! Those your skis?

DSC0441 XL resized 600


Both of em?

K2 Skis


Hey Seppe! Those your skis?

Seppe jumping


Have a funny story about using a movie quote on the ski hill? Let's hear about it in the comments section!