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The Best Ski Movies of 2012

Posted by John Entwistle on Aug 17, 2012 10:50:00 AM

Ski movie trailers are being released left, right, and center. It's that time of year again! The nights are getting colder, the newest gear is coming out, and skiing quickly moves to the forefront of most peoples minds. Ski movie trailers, and the movies that follow, are what get me through the pre ski season anticipation. This list is, in order, my favorite ski movie trailers that I have seen so far this year:


1. Matchstick Productions/Red Bull- "McConkey"

Shane McConkey changed the ski world in so many ways, that each and every skier in the world has been influenced by him in some way. His father, a friend of Hans Gmoser, was a professional skier who helped explore the Cariboos in the early days of heli-skiing. What has Shane done for skiing? Ever skied on a pair of Pontoons? Thank Shane. Ever skied butt naked down a gnarly couloir? Thank Shane. Ever had the greatest day ever on a pair of skis? You can probably thank Shane for that too. Shane put the fun in skiing, and this movie will be a phenomenal tribute to the man, the myth, and now, the legend.


2. Poor Boyz Productions- "We"

This trailer hits the nail on the head. Skiing is all about having fun out in the mountains with your friends. What happens when your friends are the best skiers in the world? Well... "We" happens.


3. Matchstick Productions- "Superheroes of Stoke"

Every year I look forward to the Matchstick Productions movie. This year, being their 20th anniversary, they seem to have created a masterpiece that melds together 20 years of awesome ski movies with the newest and greatest from the world of skiing. An awesome lineup of athletes, throwbacks to some of the best athletes of all time, and it looks like some great tributes to the likes of Sarah Burke, Shane McConkey, and CR Johnson.


4. Quicksilver- "Few Words"

Candide Thovex has been around for a while now. Great visuals, innovative skiing, and some unique locations make for a sure to be entertaining movie.



5. Teton Gravity Research- "The Dream Factory"

Alaska. That is what TGR refers to as "The Dream Factory" in their newest movie. And, if you look at society in general, there have been many dreams about Alaska. The gold rush, king crab, skiing- people have flocked to Alaska for all kinds of dreams. But, is it real? Or are they really just dreaming?

Which ski moviedescribe the image is getting you most excited for winter?