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The best powder skiing ever? Big Friday at CMH...

Posted by Topher Donahue on Dec 20, 2012 7:29:00 AM

Last week, I posted a collection of recent photos showing just how exceptional the skiing conditions are around Revelstoke.

Then that night it snowed...

...50cm of low density champagne fluff on top of deep, soft powder.

Steve Chambers, the Manager of CMH Revelstoke, posted a comment to the article with a link to a video his team shot last Friday, a day they’re calling Big Friday. The combination of inspired powder skiers, creative camera work, and dreamy snow make "Big Friday" about the most fun two minutes of powder skiing I’ve ever seen:

Big Friday from Global Powder Guides on Vimeo.

Peter "PA" Arbic, guiding at CMH Galena, added this comment to last week's post after coming in for the day on Friday: "...and today was even better...we had to turn the amp up to 11" That's saying something; PA has spent decades dancing with snowflakes in the Canadian Rockies.

Today I talked to a writer in British Columbia who brought up this question: “Is it the best skiing ever?”

best powder ever

The best skiing ever? Them're fightin' words in some bars, and anywhere it's the kind of question that is hard to answer with certainty about something as ephemeral as powder skiing. Regardless of what truly defines the best, the fact that those are the kinds of questions being thrown around speaks volumes to the kind of snow riding going down in Revelstoke this winter.

Here’s what two veteran CMH Heli-Skiing guests had to say about it:

Eugene R. (Over 2 million vertical feet with CMH Heli-Skiing) “Had the best powder skiing ever!!! Can barely walk now –Great fun!”
Ed C.  (Over 5 million vertical feet with CMH Heli-Skiing) “Couldn’t be any better – Epic Skiing!”

Stay tuned. More snow last night and nothing but snow in the 5-day forecast. It’s shaping up to be a white Christmas like no other at CMH. There's already more snow in Revelstoke than any December in the last decade. Bring it on!

Photo from CMH Valemount, Decempow 2012.

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