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Short heli trips and free K2 skis - the new rage for an epic season

Posted by Topher Donahue on Jan 14, 2013 7:35:00 AM

The quality of the skiing right now at CMH Heli-Skiing is the kind that makes a single run worth an entire trip - or for that matter, an entire lifetime of skiing.

Here’s the latest first hand report:

“Today was more than Epic... not sure if there is a word for it!!!! The snow was unbelievable. Everything we skied yesterday was covered with new snow as if no one had been there  before. It  was one face shot after another, run after run. We had a chance to ski in the alpine this morning, but the snow was wind blown so we headed back to the trees which was SICK!!! Definitely the best skiing I have experienced in my entire life!”
-Marie T.

short heliskiing trips

Which brings up the point that you don’t have to book seven days to experience CMH Heli-Skiing during this exceptional winter. I just got off the phone with Katie Coccimiglio, with CMH Heli-Skiing reservations, who told me that they have opened up two more short programs to meet the high demand for shorter four-day trips.

These trips provide three and a half days of skiing, which in these conditions is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; and a short trip is easier on the legs than a full seven-day bonanza with CMH Heli-Skiing. Recently in the Bobbie Burns they have been skiing double the guaranteed vertical in a seven day trip, meaning 60,000 metres or nearly 10,000 metres each day.

Here's the inside soop on shorter trips with CMH Heli-Skiing:

  • For skiers and snowboarders wanting to jump on the conditions as soon as possible, book the January 26 - 30 at the Gothics.
  • For those who need a little more time to plan, book February 9-13 in the Gothics.
  • For those who have limited flexibility but want to be part of the CMH powderfest 2013, there is also limited space scattered throughout the 11 CMH Heli-Skiing areas for both four-day trips as well as CMH Heli-Skiing's Signature seven-day trips
  • At CMH K2, skiers booking both four day and seven day trips also get a free pair of K2 powder skis to keep. (You read that right - you get a free pair of K2 skis!)  At CMH K2, there are two options: three groups of ten serviced by a Bell 212 helicopter, and three groups of five serviced by a Bell 407. Also, a number of K2 athletes are joining regular CMH Heli-Skiing groups at CMH K2 for maximum inspiration.

One thing to consider when debating which length of Heli-Ski trip is best for you, remember that every reputable Heli-Ski operator will take the time to train you in avalanche and helicopter safety. This means that one day trips are often not the best value because the training will cut into your day.  It is for this reason that CMH Heli-Skiing doesn't offer one day trips.

That said, the important thing right now is that snow riders get to BC and get some. The best I can tell from research and talking to the old timers, the last season that was like this was the winter of 1971-1972.

The ski resorts in British Columbia and Alberta are going off too. Book a short trip with CMH Heli-Skiing, and tack on a few days anywhere on the Powder Highway - a string of ski resorts that is really living up to it’s name this winter.

If you've ever considered a Heli-Ski trip, this is the season to do it. Call Katie, or anyone else at CMH Reservations at 1 (800) 661-0252 and get your slice of this epic season.

Photo from CMH K2, January, 2013.

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